Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday, Monday ....

What a weekend! I wont whine again, but I'm glad it's over, and we are coming closer to our goal, and dead line as well. I still managed to bake a Raspberries cake on Friday. This time I used less sugar, less butter, and it was delicious. I like the slightly sour note of Raspberries.
Raspberries cake

I'm hoping to make another Blueberries cake in the next couple of days.

There has been NO knitting, OR spinning going on. We've started moving all my stuff into my quaters for the next couple of month, and it's just sitting there, ready to be put into it's new place, but that's only going to happen once I really live there, and get a feeling where things should be for maximum comfort. Nevertheless, I'll start a test knit tonight. I'm itching to cast on, but it has to wait. It's going to be a wonderful shawl, which will be my 10th shawl this year. It's called Larix, and I think it's wonderful in the original colors. Read about it on Alexandra's blog here. I feel very lucky to get to test knit this shawl. I'll be using some handspun yarn of mine.

What about the boys? It's like Denny has never had surgery, in fact, I'll have to call them and ask, if they didn't forget to neuter him, since no other dog of ours, has ever healed so fast, without complications! :o)
July 14-4
Something's in the air!

Still, he's going to have to wait the full 10 days before he's allowed to do his usual exercise (what a choke). He's back to his usual shenanigans already, but the only thing he's not doing right now, is swimming.

Meanwhile, Happy is totally happy, enjoying the backyard, and swimming pool all by himself. We play fetch, and after his tongue hits the ground, he goes for a swim or ten. After that, you'll find him either on the sofa, all pooped out, or in one of his beds, snoring away happily!
Happy very tired after swimming
Still a little wet, but who cares?

July 25-happy, tired Happy

Alright, it's back for me to work. It might go easier today, since I've got some lovely knitting to do at the end. I'm just hoping that I wont be too tired.


CelticCastOn said...

Mixed breeds tend to springback quicker than pure breeds, Dman seems to be no exception.
Happy will be glad that he's getting some one on one time with you.
Just think it will all be over soon, I'm thinking the same, 2 more weeks!!!

Virginia G said...

So glad that Denny is doing well. :)

Can't wait to see the new knitting.

Now get some rest!

Michelle said...

Denny is just too funny. He's so resilient!

knitomi said...

My first thought after seeing Happy and Denny lounging on your deck was "I want to be a dog and come live with you" !
Those two sure have it made - envy, envy . . .
That Kuchen (Gleichschwerkuchen vielleicht?) certainly looks good too, I wish I could come right over and sample it, then play with the pups so you can do your work without interruptions, ha ha!

o.k. enough of that, absolutely love the shawl and the colors in the yarn are absolutely gorgeous - hope you won't be too tired tonight to cast on!


dclulu said...

My mouth is watering! Share your recipe?

Susan said...

I'm looking at that picture of the two dogs in their beds on the deck and thinking that they have a really rough life ;) My mother used to say that when she died she wanted to come back as one of my dogs. She's been gone for 7 years now and I will never know if she's taken up residence here as a furry pup but I have a hunch she would be reincarnated as a female Bichon, not a very bad sheltie (cough, Cooper, cough).

Cooper recovered from both the neuter and the rock business in no time flat. I'm not surprised that Denny is right as rain.

Rhonda said...

OMG....the cake looks marvelous. I think I'm doing a small batch of jam with my meager haul.

Life's a Stitch said...

Great pictures, as usual. I could eat the cake and pat the dog pictures with my curser.

Laura said...

Where did you get the dog beds that are shown on the porch. Our Weimaraner is getting old fast - he is over 100#'s and his joints ache. I think he would like a bed like that. I live in the States, but maybe I can find one here?
Thanks -Laura

shannon said...

what a great looking cake!! :)

thanks for the fix of puppy pics!!

Laurie said...

I love every single picture of Happy.

Glad Denny recovered well. I remember getting Wilbur neutered right at six months (he didn't descend till then...we were on "ballwatch" forever). People told me that neutering would calm him down...but coincidentally, that was when doggie adolescence kicked in, and he was hell on wheels for three months. I remember calling the vet and specifically asking, "Isn't this supposed to calm him down? He's worse than ever!!!" Such sweet memories of my old boy...