Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Fiber Club!

I just have to share this with other spinners!

Shelby of Spinning Awesome Good is having her first fiber club! I'm very happy about this, because I suggested it to her, and others thought it was a great idea too. I love her dyed flowers, and her very friendly attitude.
Read about the her new club here, and maybe you'd like to join her ravelry group as well. You could win her flowers, since she's having monthly draws if you post pictures of bought flowers, or the handspun yarn you made from them. Here's my first flower, and handspun yarn. So, this week we'll have Handspun Friday early. :o)

Here's a quick description of her fiber club:

"A three month themed subscription for your spinning pleasure!!! ♥
Fiber to include, merino/tussah, BFL/Tussah or Merino/Bamboo
1st months ~ Flowers (I will give you three choices TBA)
2nd month ~ Intuition, Dreamy, Moody
3rd month ~ You send me a picture of a color scheme and I will create a roving just for you!

If you are interested, send me (Shelby) a message and I will create a listing for you!"

SAG-Fairy Ring-BFL-Tussah-4oz

This is 4oz BFL/Tussah in the colorway "Fairy Ring".

SAG-Fairy Ring-2-ply-185yds-1

I wanted to spin it 2-ply and a little thicker. It turned out pretty good, and for the first time I didn't have any left over on one bobbin, because I actually did have left over singles, but wound it into a center pull ball, and plied it on to the rest of the yarn. I'll do that from now on, so nothing goes to waste. I don't know why I didn't do that in the past.
This is 2-ply yarn, 185yds. I thought I'd like to knit a cowl with it, since its soft and squishy.

This morning I noticed the first Lilly of the ones I planted out front, had opened up. It's the shortest of them all, but had her pretty blossom first. The others are taller and will open up soon. Isn't it pretty?
July 11-out front first Lilie-3

This is also from my front yard. Pretty Hydrangea. I have them in pink, and blue, but this might change with the PH level in the soil. We'll see next year what color they will be. I wont add anything to the soil. I like them no matter what color they are. I took the pictures in the morning, when it was still shady.
July 11-out front


Virginia G said...

I forget how much further north you are. It's crazy how long things take. New York is the coldest climate I've ever lived in. Even though the PNW was further north, their growing season is longer...

Anyway, that fiber looks beautiful!

2paw said...

Aren't hydrangeas amazing?? We had blue and pink and lilac ones at home. I have found the first of the 'Spring' bulbs in my garden.

Sharon V said...

Your yarn and your flowers are beautiful. I've never been a fiber club member, but looking at your flower I may have to rethink that.

Päivi, Lankakomero said...

Your blue yarn looks wonderful, I love its shades!

RC said...

I just sent her a message to sign up ! I love all your spinning and figure its gotta be good if you recommend ;)

ikki said...

And I love Your boys even more enery day. And sometimes I miss my dog.

I have just "one of your sisters" on a way again...People love those models. Me too.

Beautiful flowers and yarn.

But do not forget give a hug to boys from me.

Charlene said...

When you're using your centre pull ball to ply up leftover single ply, how do you keep that from tangling all up when your spinning?

I tried that before and found that the two strands were always winding up together because the outside strand was unwinding around the centre one.

Love your spinning ;) Your yard is looking great!

knottygnome said...

pretty flowers and i love that handspun!

i usually andean ply leftovers if i'm doing a 2ply, but i don't always. i like keeping leftover singles for a future scrap plied skein.

Carrie #K said...

Your lily and hyrangeas are very pretty!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

She sounds like a very whimsical and talented dyer! The "fairy ring" colorway is just beautiful and I can't wait to see what other magical creations await :)

Beautiful flowers! I hope the boys leave them alone :)

Anonymous said...

love the yarn and the glowing canna

SockPixie said...

Gorgeous fiber. I love that the way it is presented as well.