Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Something I'll never do again ...

With the beginning of December, a package from my sister arrived. It was a surprise and a lovely one at that. Amongst other things, she sent me this tea package, which is a Advent calendar. One tea bag for 24 days in December. I've never seen this before, and I think it's a most lovely idea, and a great alternative to chocolate Advent calendars (not that I have anything against chocolate).

Advent calendar tea, gift from my sister

Remember these: Mary Maxim Gemstone socks - all four singles
Mary Maxim Gemstone socks-singles-2

This is finished pair # 2
3rd pair of MM Gemstones socks finished - color Peridot

and pair # 3

MM Gemstones 2nd pair finished-2
There's still one single sock waiting for his partner to be a pair, but I don't feel like knitting this sock right now. I've worn # 2 several times, and washed it by hand, and by machine and it's holding up really well.
So, well, knitting four single socks was not a good idea. I'd rather knit a pair and be done with it.



Kris said...

Love the tea advent calendar. I agree, what a great idea.

And love the gemstone socks. What pretty colours!

wanderrast said...

Schön wenn ein Produkt dass bei mir fast ums Eck produziert wird zu dir ins ferne Land reist.
liebe Grüße Elfi
p.s: ich hab ihn auch schon probiert, vieles schmeckt ausgezeichnet

2paw said...

The Tea Advent Calendar is such a clever idea, your sister is very smart!!
I have done that, I had three single socks and I have only finished one complete pair. I think you are right!!

old lady said...

I agree, the tea calendar is a unique idea! And those socks look stunning! Makes me wish I could knit socks.

Ann said...

The advent calendar is great as I will prefer tea to chocolate. Love the socks & the gorgeous colors. You could mix & match them.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

What a great idea! Love the Tee calendar and have fun using it :)

I like the socks and think they look great mixed and matched - no need to make them into pairs - unless you want to!

Virginia G said...

Those are some sexy sexy socks.

Nice work!

(and sorry, apparently sexy my word of the day regarding knitting and wool.)

Michelle said...

The tea advent calendar is such a great idea. Perfect for cold weather. Though maybe a hot chocolate a day would be good too. :-)

susannasplace said...

Oh diese Socken sind ja fantastisch. Ich muss mal sehen, ob einer meiner Yarnshops die Wolle hat.

LG Susi

Renata S. P. said...

Great socks!!
If you don't wanna knit the other two single socks to complete the pairs, you could just make a "different" pair, using this two you already have. Even being different colors, that would look nice with All Stars tennis shoes =D

Sharon V said...

Your socks are lovely!

It reminds me that my own handknit socks stock is low. I should make myself some.

Anonymous said...

Love the Mary Maxim socks !
Margie in Maryland

Hege said...

Love the idea of a tea each day :)
And your socks are beautiful!!
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Schön ist Dein Adventskalender mit dem leckeren Tee, eine ganz tolle Idee. Oh, und die Socken sehen ganz wundervoll aus, so farbenfroh.

Liebe Grüße von Herbstgold

T-Mom said...

Oh, gorgeous socks! I'll have to keep an eye out for the yarn.

hannah said...

How lovely the box of the tea looks. I wonder if they sell this in the Netherlands, I will look for it at our whole food store tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I love the Mary Maxim socks. Did you cahnge your mind about the yarn? I thought that you did not like it!