Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I didn't think I would post today, but since this is troubling me so much, I thought I'll get it off my chest. You may think what you like, of course that's how it's supposed to be anyway.
9/11 didn't affect me personally, I didn't loose somebody that day, but it still affects me more than I would have thought, because it brings to mind, all the bad what's happening on this earth. This sounds very melodramatic, maybe it is. Have you seen the movie "The Fifth Element"? In one scene Lilo is learning about this earth, going through it alphabetically. When she comes to "W" as in war, she breaks out in tears. Later she says something to the effect, that we on Earth use everything just to destroy what we built.

I stopped watching daily new, because it made me so sad, my heart ached every time they were on. I still get to know the major news, it's all around us, and of course we should know about it, but I think it's a bit much. How can we stand it to be bombarded with bad news every day and still go on, like nothing happened. We don't have to watch world news, to get bad and sad stories, it happens very locally as well.

I don't watch much TV, unless I'm down already, not a good combination! I think it was a week ago, maybe longer, when I saw this news about Thailand ( sorry, I try to forget, but this image is imprinted on my brain). There was a segment, where 7-8 year old girls had to fight each other, with boxing gloves on. They were crying, and still had to keep going. All around them were men cheering and laughing, and betting I'm sure. This is not about war between countries, but how people treat each other. This scene looked the same to me as when they had a cock fight, but this was way worse.

So, forgive me, this day of remembering 9/11 brings forth so much more bad, not just what happened that day, but is still happening every day.

This makes me angry, and tired, and thinking about how ridiculous it is to think about ordinary stuff, like knitting. I will not knit today, I'm too distressed. I'll try to do something different today, might not be useful to somebody else, but I need to get my peace back. I'll knit again tomorrow.


Teresa said...

You know, I agree with you. When I had my first child I was so afraid of how vulnerable she was. I had nightmares. It didn't help that the news always reported something terrible as well. Mothers who didn't want their children, boyfriends who'd leave them on the corner street. It was horrible. But, one thing that really helped me is knowing that there are great people out there. Like this guy in the cities here, he went around spray painting positive messages on the sidewalks to encourage people. I thought that was really cool. :D

Violiknit said...

Well, here in NY, there has been stuff on tv for weeks now about 9/11, and I feel bad, but I just didn't turn on the tv today; it's all so depressing. But here's the thing; on 9/11 I was at an airport in Germany with an orchestra on our way home to NY when it all happened. We were stranded in Germany for several days, and I didn't have my violin with me, I couldn't watch any more tv, I ran out of clean clothes, and my hotel window overlooked a cemetary. I was absolutely desperate for something to do, and I stepped into a department store and saw a knitting section. The ladies there didn't speak English, but taught me to cast on and knit. I left with some Gedifra Rasta and big plastic needles. Learning to knit kept me sane through those few days, and when I got back to NYC, I picked up some knitting books, and continued to teach myself to knit. I haven't put down the needles since. I didn't blog about this; didn't really feel like it, but reading your post reminded me that 9/11 was what started me knitting in the first place. I was really thankful to have found it then.

Rhonda said...

My dear brother lost a close friend in 9/11 attacks - and it still hurts him. I too no longer watch the news as it just overwhelms me and at my stage in life I no longer need to be overwhelmed with negative things. I have difficulties in my own life that I thank God for my knitting every day. It is a comfort and solace when the ugly part of the world gets too close. So, don't knit today, but remember the noble part of your life that you share with all of us is your knitting and I for one thank you for it. Cheers, Rhonda

Sue J. said...

There is no understanding man's inhumanity to man. No other species on earth hurts it's own kind just for pleasure or for war's sake. Perhaps that's why we love our pets so much. They have a pureness heart and spirit that mankind doesn't have. But we do have hope. Without it, there would be no reason to go on. In spite of all the evil in the world, there is goodness, too. We just have to look for it. Go give Sam and Biko a hug. You'll find it there. And I do agree about the media. It's non stop doom and gloom for the sake of ratings.

Cindy, aka Maxfun said...

It's a somber day, indeed. It always saddens me to see such graphic examples of how mean people can be to each other. Especially when they do it in the name of a higher power.

One didn't have to lose anyone on 9/11 to be affected by it. Humanity lost that day and we're all a part of that family.


Debi said...

I grew up in NY and my Dad used to take me to work with him when I was a little girl. His office was in the Empire State Building on the 52 floor. I would watch out the window and see the Towers being built...now they are gone and so is my Dad along with a lot of innocent lives.

I hope you find your peace Monika.

Unknown said...

I understand how you feel. There does seem to be an awful lot of pain suffering in our world, caused by us.
I try to concentrate on the good though. If only the TV news would report the good things that happen daily, , the acts of love and kindness. We wouldn't be so convinced that the world is only full of pain.

Life's a Stitch said...

We got rid of TV a long time ago. Life is depressing enough to have to see sad stories over and over and over again.

bobbi said...

great post!