Sunday, September 16, 2007

David's B-day socks!

I'm way ahead with this present! My DS birthday isn't until October, but I'm glad that's out of the way. I'm not made for knitting several projects at once! I forgot to take notes when I knit the first sock, and making another pair in between the first and the second sock didn't help at all. They may appear to be identical, but upon closer inspection you can see some differences. It would not be a problem would they be for myself, but I'm not quite sure how DS will react. He's a bit obsessive, but I don't know if this goes for socks too.

I'd like for him to WANT knitted socks. So far he didn't want me to knit him any, but after his remark some time ago, that he hasn't seen me knitting any cabled things, I though I might surprise him. To make him even try them on, I did not take any chances in my color choice, no experiments there. Although this yarn surprised me. When I picked it out of my stash, it seamed brown to me. While I was knitting the socks though, under a daylight bulb, it always was grey. Taking pictures you see both versions.

I've used Schoeller & Stahl Fortissima Socka, 75% superwash wool, 25 % Polyamid. This yarn is full of surprises. It should not have been this soft and squishy to the touch, but it is! It does split easily though. It's 6-ply, knit with 2.75mm. I put two 6 - stitch cables down the front, and two 2 - stitch cables. All knit without a cable needle. For the back of the leg I did a two row ribbing (row 1 - K2, P2, row 2 - Knit), very easy, and it looks a little different. These stitch patterns are pulling together like crazy, that's why the socks don't look that big, but they stretch from here to Europe! ;o)

I hope he'll like them, and wear them, because selfish as I am, I would love to knit many more socks for him!
On another note: Remember my Magic Mosaic Blanket?
Heike has finished her magic mosaic blanket. It looks wonderful, and it's huge! She made eight more squares than I did. Have a look here. Makes me want to make another one!
This weekend the Braided Shawl KAL started. I was not sure at first whether I had chosen the right yarn, but I like it now. I'm on row 95 now, and I'm getting very sleepy knitting row after row of garter stitch. On row 148 or so There will be a row with yarn overs and shortly thereafter it will get interesting with knitting the braids. Yeah! The yarn is Koigu by the way.
If you are interested in knitting this shawl, I've gotten an email from Karen Noe, that she's selling kits with her yarn, and a pattern in English now. You'll have to google her website and order it from there, I'm still so sleepy - must do something else for a while to wake up. ;o)

I'm knitting this shawl, because I've committed to the KAL, but I'd rather knit mittens, hats, and another cardigan for myself. Oh, yes, I'm already plotting and planning in my head, and even found some yarn in my stash. Would love to swatch for it, but must (enjoy) shawl knitting first.


Kim said...

Love the socks!

Angelika said...

Don't worry, you'll be knitting hats, mittens and socks in no time. Once the garter stitch is done, it gets somewhat more interesting, even though 201 fringes aren't that much fun either. Heads up.

Strickfimmel said...

Hey, die Socken sind echt schön geworden. Wenn ich mich nicht irre strickst Du doch ungern Zöpfe, oder? Auch das Tuch wird schön, das sehe ich schon, weil das Garn toll aussieht. Bin schon auf das Endergebnis gespannt!

eyeleen said...

Great socks! I'm sure he'll like them.

Devonshire said...

I love those socks and I'm sure your DS will love them. They look fantastic.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Your son is going to love the socks! Winter is coming so he'll appreciate them all the more. I love how the Koigu looks it will be a gorgeous shawl. I actually prefer Koigu in a shawl than for socks - although I just bought 2 skeins last weekend for socks - couldn't help myself the colors are so nice. BTW, I love the rustic picture of the girl - is it a famous painting?

TracyKM said...

Those are handsome socks! I have some of that yarn waiting too. I also used to use a yarn called Fortissima but by Schoeller-Esslinger (spelling?)....are they somehow related?
As for your pink yarn; I know what you mean about trying to step outside your comfort zone. I try that but then I get scared at spending $$ on something I might not like, or I take the leap but the whole time keep saying "It's not 'me'". And I'm not one for crowds either--hence, the lunch outside at K-W. It was really hard going with a friend this time!

fleegle said...

That color is just delicious!

Anonymous said...

I love the cabled socks (as I'm sure David will!)
Heike's blanket is gorgeous!
and your braided shawl beginning is very pretty - that Koigu colorway is perfect! (I know how you feel...I ALMOST bought the kit - then decided I didn't want to start another shawl at the moment)

hakucho said...

David's socks are wonderful! I'm certain he'll love them and he'll be begging for more :)
My baby took quite a bit of interest in my last pair of socks and wants me to make him a pair in black...ugh...but I will buy the yarn and make him a pair for his birthday in November. I love it when they like what I knit :)

happy knitting :)

The Kelly Green Rogue said...

crossing my fingers that he likes the socks! they look great, very manly :)

Tracy Purtscher said...

Way cool Woman. I'll have to give that k2 p2/k cross ribbing a try looks pretty nifty!

I'm betting he's going to love the socks. If not stuff them full of fleece and hit him over the head with them.

Anonymous said...

Ich finde die Socken großartig... Unterschiede wären mir nie im Leben aufgefallen! Ich bin mir ganz sicher, das ihm die Socken gefallen werden!

Viele liebe Grüße

Violiknit said...

What beautiful socks! Your DS is so lucky!