Saturday, July 08, 2006

First finished sock of many first's.

  1. First time non-sock yarn used.
  2. First time magic cast-on used.
  3. First time gusset with a toe-up sock.
  4. First time reverse dutch heel method used.
  5. First time heel stitches used.
  6. First time increases in the back of the leg used.
  7. First time very stretchy ripping used.
  8. and finally, first time sewn - cast off by E.Z. used.

This sock is mens size 12 1/2 and I'm alreday working on the second one. In the future I will knit both socks at the same time on DP needles. I'm just waiting to get the new sets in. I will use the magic cast-on in the future as often as it's possible. I've increased with M1 (make a loop) and it shows no holes, it's almost invisible - I like it. As long as I'm knitting toe-up socks I think I will use the reverse dutch heel method as well. The sewn casting-off works great too!

Supplemental: I will put a description of the socks in my free pattern folder on the side bar for those who would like to try a toe-up sock with a different heel version ( as opposed to the short row heel).


Abigale said...

I love the heel treatment that you've used. One of the main reasons I haven't done toe up socks is because I am not really fond of the short row heels that most people use.

It would be great if you could write down how you did this sock - and share it with the rest of us ;-)


Knittypants said...

Looks great!

Chrissy said...

That's a really great looking sock. It looks like "firsts" agree with your knitting.

Carol said...

Now I have no excuse to put off magic loop knitting, toe up knitting....sigh...wait, I still have umpety gajillion other projects ahead of that in the line-up! Whew!