Sunday, May 07, 2006

P94 is finished- almost!

Sam is a lot better, as you can see, he's talking back to me. He's sick and tired of waiting for me to get my big butt out of the chair and go for a walk with him. Well boy, have you forgotten that we did that already today - three times!!! Well, he's not tired and rather bored, he tells me. Sigh.

And I was finishing up the P94 Baby Blanket by Iris Schreier. I wanted to knit that for some time now. It's made with Marble DK 100% acrylic, that's one of a few acrylic yarns I like to work with. This pattern is made of triangles with no seams and it's reversible, that's what I like about multidirectional knitting. It's 22"X36" which is a bit small. I'll add a border, since I have some yarn left. I'm pleased with this project and am glad to have it "out of my system" to move on.

I've already cast on a summer top for myself, but have knitted only about 10 rows so far. More about it another time. I've spent a lot of time in the garden lately; yeah, it has to be done. And by the way, my fingers, hands and ellbows needed a break for a few hours. ;o)

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Abigale said...

Wow - that blanket is awesome!! Just beautiful! You are totally entitled to be feeling pleased with yourself.

I was wondering what kind of yarn you were using. Thanks for letting us know.

You were wondering about the back of my blanket on my blog - I posted a pic just for you.

Anyway - have fun!