Sunday, May 21, 2006

Long weekend!

A tired pup is a good pup. Biko was totally exhausted after playing ball. I had to hose her down, she was tripping wet and dirty (it was raining yesterday and today and the day before yesterday and will be raining tomorrow, I guess) .

Hand towel in the making from the Mason Dixon book, in the colors Moss Lake (greenish) and French Blue.

The finished hand towel measures 14" by 19" after washing, a round in the dryer and ironing. (It's a late B-day gift for Chris's mom.)

The color is fading gradually. One learns from one's mistakes. I still like my sock.

It's Victoria Day weekend here. We did some renovating, a lot of painting and some knitting. My daughter and her boyfriend Chris are here for a visit (and help). Anyway, I was knitting away on my sock, slow going. (It's a clown sock according to my daughter.) My son was wondering, why the heck is this sock standing up by its own? Well, it's stiff from the color and the vinegar, I guess. I'm a bit further along now with the sock. It's too bad one has to make the same sock twice. After the first one, I always wish for the second onw to magically appear. Oh well.

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