Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's THAT time again ....

Yesterday was lovely, sunny, cool, and I was able to sit out on the deck, having some coffee, watching the dogs play in the backyard. They kept running up the stairs to check on me too, quite enjoyable. But then it was time to call them inside. It took me a while to get them cleaned up. No pictures of dirty dogs, but look...

they were running through this

March 2013

and I thought this looked interesting, the layer of snow turned into ice, that broke, and the melting water found its own way off the property.

March 2013

Here are some videos of the dogs a few days earlier, when it was still cold, and not as muddy.

Happy finds happiness in a bucket of water, even though there was ice floating in it.

And right now, it rains. :o(


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Oh boy! Mud season!

Grammy Braxton said...

What is Happy going to do when that frisbee is completely gone? Great vidoes. I love watching your boys play.


lexa said...

All of our snow is melted except for little piles where the plows were. So there's lots of mucky mud here, too!

CecĂ­lia said...

I loved seeing their beautiful dogs that wonderful joke.

Tally Knits said...

Hate the mud! Our dogs know that when it's wet outside they are to stop at the door and offer each foot up for wiping off with a towel. It's really cute because they automatically give each front paw, then stand for me to get their back ones.

2paw said...

Oh dear, I now what a mess light coloured dogs can get in. Happy is such a good player, Gilly would love to play with him!!! I love the way Maggie races in, plops her ball in the water, and then takes off again!!
Are you meant to be throwing the frisbee and the ball?? Is Denny eating snow?? Good tug of war game!!