Monday, October 22, 2012


I love Fall, and yes, I say this every year. What's not to love (well, yes, there are some things I don't like about this time of year as well).

Nature is beautiful, even when shutting down, don't you agree?

October 20-1

October 20-3

October 20-5

October 20-6

October 20-11

What I don't like is mud, and everything that comes with it.

Oct. 21-mud-1

Happy's big paw print, even with dog hair and everything.

Oct. 21-muddy paw print

Maggie's dirty paws. Granted they are not that bad at the moment I took the pictures, but believe me, a few minutes later they were all black, and only the hose would do, before entering the house.

Oct. 21-muddy paws-1

Happy's paw is more wet then dirty, but as I said, a little later ....

Oct. 21-muddy paws-2

I can't wait for the ground to freeze.

October 20-16

October 20-15

A little digging, or a lot ....

October 20-17


momsue84 said...

My favorite time of the year, too, because it puts me in the mood to knit! We, actually, have a paw washer for Milo's muddy romps this time of year.

Anna M said...

These photos are so beautiful. Great way to start my day by viewing them.

Anna M said...

These photos are beautiful! I hear you on muddy paws, with the corgyn it is paws and bellies.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Fall is my favourite too! Love the giant Happy print!

Unknown said...

Great pictures! The trees in my yard are still green.

Fall is the only time of year I get to wear all of my hand knits all of the time.

Turns out, if you say you made it yourself, people don't think so badly of you when your colors don't match. LOL!

Lorraine said...

Monika- It is muddy, but I just wear boots. The weather has been glorious.

The dogs seem to like it.

Susan said...

Your fall colors are much more vibrant than those we see locally. We had a good bit of snow overnight but it has melted now. A lot of the leaves are already off the trees.

Herta Haunschmid /quer durchs leben said...

Grüß dich Monika,
ja der Herbst ist doch wirklich die schönste Zeit im Jahr weil alles so bunt ist.

Herbstliche Grüße aus der Heimat

2paw said...

Autumn is my favourite season, but fancy having 12 feet to unmuddy and clean. Eight is bad enough!! Looks like there is a lot of fun though.

Walden said...

I completely agree, as Fall is my favorite season!