Monday, November 07, 2011


November afternoon, out on the deck

November 4th, a Friday afternoon, and Saturday, and Sunday too, where lovely sunny days, and warm enough to sit on the deck, and have some hot chocolate, and do some knitting! I can honestly say, that never happened before around here.

November afternoon, out on the deck
I'd just finished my November socks, and cast on for a new project. It's been a long time since I've knit with straight needles, and a rectangular scarf too! Feels somehow old fashioned.

I've been meaning to knit these Eesti Trail Hiking Socks by Nancy Bush for a long time now. But who needs socks made with worsted weight yarn? My son does.


I've tried them on here, to get a modeled shot, but they are too big for me, and almost knee highs. I did make a few modifications.
I didn't make the leg as long as the pattern, changed the colorwork, and didn't do the 8 stitch increase-decrease for the colorowork (because I didn't read the instructions completely at first), but I used 2# larger needles for colorwork, and it worked out fine. It felt funny having this huge sock hanging off the needles. I thought it would never fit, but they fit alright.

Eesti Trail Hiking Socks-November 2011 socks

pattern: Eesti Trail Hiking Socks by Nancy Bush from the book "Favorite Socks"

yarn: Elann Peruvian Highland Wool, 3balls in grey, about half a ball of natural white, yellow and orange

needles: 3.25mm, 3.75mm for the colorwork (not the stripes though)

While I was sitting and knitting, Denny tried to get comfortable on a chair too.
are you comfy, Denny?

are you comfy, Denny?

are you comfy, Denny?

Are you comfy, Denny?
are you comfy, Denny?

Meanwhile Happy was basking in the sunshine, and Maggie was running in circles. Since the neighbor used a leave blower (which makes the most aweful noise, like an old hair dryer) last time we were out on the deck, she's not comfortable there anymore. It took her about half an hour to just come out from the kitchen.


Heike said...

Die Fotos von Denny sind wieder sooo süß! Aber Deine neuen Socken sind auch toll geworden.

Das Geräusch dieser Laubbläser macht mich fertig. Unser Nachbar hat auch so ein Ding und benutzt es JEDEN Morgen!!!

VG von Heike

LanaCreativ said...

Hi Monika,

here in Switzerland we had also lovely sunny days. It's fantastic to sit and knit outside...your socks are beautiful!

Wish you another few sunny days!


cauchy09 said...

hooray for warm weekends! and i love those socks. you did the right thing, adding colors. so classy.

Chery said...

Nice socks and beautiful pictures.

TracyKM said...

Those socks look great! They just gave me an idea...knit the foot with sock yarn (so they still fit in my shoes/boots), but then knit the leg with worsted yarn!
I can't believe the weather either! We just got back from a cuise, on Oct 30, and it's so nice to come back to reasonable weather, instead of the year we came back to a snowfall in the middle of November (in Orangeville).

monica said...

I'm glad you got to enjoy the wonderful weather. Your son's socks are really nice - lovely colors. Denny's tail is sooo fluffy! :)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

It was a beautiful weekend - I should have spent more of it outside, but I got a to accomplished inside.

I think you need to get Denny a slightly larger chair for the porch. :)

Great socks too.

Susan said...

Enjoy that weather! Winter arrived here with a vengeance yesterday.

Lovely socks! You produce so much beautiful knitting.

Michelle said...

Those socks are really nice! Denny is so adorable in that chair. And I feel bad for Maggie. Those leaf blowers make an awful noise that no one should have to listen to.

Andi said...

How wonderful to be outside knitting on your beautiful deck! I adore those socks. They are fabulous!
On a sidenote...Denny always has the most wonderfully guilty look. :) Makes my day ever time.

Walden said...

Love the socks and Denny is just too adorable!

2paw said...

Yes Maggie, Peri and Gilly won't come near the bathroom when the hair dryer is on, the noise must be universally scary to girls!!! Poor Denny, he needs a better chair!! You and Happy are clever to enjoy the sun while it lasts. I love the leafy photos and the socks are so big!! What a mammoth task.I love the colour work!!

Robin said...

Just saw a news show on TV last week that some communities in the US are banning use of leaf blowers due to the noise. Also, says they stir up molds, dust, and other allergens. LOVE the doggie pics!

Mr. Puffy said...

Denny looks like he finally got comfy :) Your hot chocolate and knitting in the brisk but warmish November sunlight is sooooo very appealing to me! It's been much cooler down here than I can recall in recent memory and it's wonderful.

Enjoy those socks ~ snow I suspect will soon arrive :)