Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Pool - It's Open!


For the past several years, during the month of April it was rather warm. Not so this year. Nevertheless, the pool guys showed up yesterday. It was a surprise, but shouldn't have been, since I booked them in advance when we closed the pool last Fall, but I didn't remember the exact date. We will leave the makeshift fence around it for a little longer, because otherwise we'll have wet pups from now until October, and it's really too cold to go for a swim yet. It's maybe 16C today, and there's nothing but rain in the forecast. Bleh!

It was a rather busy day yesterday. I thought Easter Monday would still be a slower day than normal, but not so.

They guy who did our garden/deck last year came by, to see what needs to be replaced. There's one tree who didn't make it, and one bush. Everything else has grown. All the big trees had bugs last year, the tips went brown, but I found out online, that you can cut the tip of the trees, and they grow a new one. So I did that, and they look healthy again.

Anyway, every time I let the dogs outside, there was someone or other at the gate. I was pleasantly surprised that the boys went inside, when I told them too, even though the strangers at the gate were really interesting. They left the neighbor working his lawn in peace too. All winter long we are the only ones using the back yard, so it's exciting for the pups to see some other life forms, than just birds, bunnies, and other wild life, like skunks, and a mouse, and the occasional duck.

Maggie is doing well. It's been a week now since her surgery, and she'll be back at the Vet's on Thurday to get the one stitch out. So far we didn't have to use the E-collar at all. She's been really good at NOT licking, which surprised me. Whenever she gets together with the boys however, we have to keep THEM from licking her. They all give kisses to each other, before we have to separate them again.

Anyway, it's raining so no outdoors pictures, and to give you something to look at, I've received my second installment of Romi Hill's Pins & Lace Club 2011:

Romi Hill's Pins & Lace Club April 2011

The whole package is just gorgeous. The pin is sterling silver, the yarn is Tussah Silk in the colorway Larkspur. The shawl is crescent shaped, and called Lisianthus. This looks like a fun shawl to knit, nothing simple about it, definitely not mindless knitting. I'm looking forward to it.
Oh, yes, and have a cookie:

Big Ass oatmeal/walnut/chocolate chips cookies

These are big ass cookies, one cookie = a meal, but they really are wonderful. They are chocolate chips/walnut/oatmeal cookies. I scooped them with an ice cream scoop, and flattened them with a spatula. I'm ready for the next batch.



momsue84 said...

I can just imagine the boys and Maggie are eager to get into the pool. I just love Romi's patterns, too. Hard to go back to another designer after knitting her shawls.

Marissa said...

Love the color of that yarn! Makes me long for summer. I went to Boston to open my parent's pool over April school vacation last week, and we froze our asses off! So not time yet. Ah, it will come...eventually. Like Maggie, I'm sitting by a window, waiting.

Anonymous said...

I'm always so impressed when Tank acts all mature! You never quite expect it even though you train and train and train them for it. I think people forget that dogs have a mind of their own! :)

Michelle said...

I can't imagine swimming on a gloomy day like today. I bet the boys will be happy to teach Maggie to love the pool!

TracyKM said...

Oh my, I WANT that yarn, that pattern, and that pin! The pin looks like a treble clef, and I'm a musician! Gorgeous. Can't wait to see your shawl!

Beverly said...

Beautiful kit. I love the color and the pin. I've never joined a club but this one looks worth it.

Laurie said...

Those are some seriously impressive cookies!! I love the picture of Maggie - like Wilbur, she loves her bones. Glad she's healing well. That yarn is amazing...Romi's patterns are so beautiful Can't wait to see this one!

Rhonda said...

Yum. You'll have to let me know when the next Romi club starts up, I think I'd like it.

Catherine said...

your lace club yarn is very beautiful - I am often tempted to subscribe to a lace club - think I may be giving in soon!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Hey how come neither Happy or Maggie have freckles on their noes like Biko? Was that rare?

I covet your pretty new lace yarn and pin ~ must toodle over and have a closer look!

Knatolee said...

Maggie looks VERY comfortable! And I like your couch (or is it a loveseat?)