Friday, April 15, 2011

Handspun Friday - FCK Mixed Blessing March 2011 - Blues

God, time is running away. It feels like the days are going by faster, and faster. For today we have some Polwarth fiber/yarn. It's a cross between 3/4 Merino sheep, and 1/4 Lincoln. I like it much better than pure Merino, because it's quite soft, but has better durability. It's lovely to spin as well.
This is half of FatCatKnits Mixed Blessing Fiber Club March 2011 - the Blues. I'm working on the other half right now.

FCK MB Fiber Club # 3-March 2011-5oz Polwarth-blueish

fiber: Polwarth
yarn: ~ 280yds, 3-ply, 5oz

FCK MB club March 2011-5oz Polwarth-blue-3ply-280yds

The more real color is that of the darker side in the picture. You've seen it before in the handspun yarn during March photo.
Now I'm working on the purple half of this club fiber. We'll see how that turns out. I'm hoping to get it the same weight.

We wish you all a lovely Spring weekend:

Happy - too big

Whaz up?


April 3 -Maggie

What? I'm quite comfortable, really!


March 9

Hold on, Margaret! I'll safe you, I'll get you out of there! (Maggie: eek, leave me alone, I don't WANT to be saved!)
I wish my pups could actually talk! Or- if not that, I wish I could read their minds. What fun!



Susan said...

I think you read their minds just fine. I can usually say what the dogs would if they could speak. We get to know their body language and personalities pretty well when we live with them.

Pretty, pretty spinning, as usual.

Alexandra said...

Gorgeous yarn! :D

I wish I knew what my cats were thinking!

2paw said...

Maggie looks so uncomfortable, but I am sure Denny can make things better!! Happy must get very squooshed under the desk!!
I am glad it is Spring-y at last!!

CelticCastOn said...

rofl "hold on margaret!" oh my you could make a book out of these dogs.

Laurie said...

LOL! Wilbur loves to stand in front of the furniture like that and chew on a bone or eat a treat. It's like he's at the "snack bar".

Happy Spring - I think it's here at last!

Michelle said...

Maggie looks so big in that photos. She's growing up fast. I haven't spun any of my FCK from this club yet but I love those blues.

Toby said...

Hilarious! I need to do this with my horse photos, it's just tough to catch them in action. Usually they just stand around looking at me. ;)

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Beautiful spinning and interesting to know about the merino combined with the Lincoln makes an even better yarn!

Those are all fantastic photos of the pups ~ and perhaps it's best we don't know what Denny is thinking ;)

Rhonda said...

Hahahaha, too funny, I love that Denny.

Knatolee said...

Prettypretty yarn, and I love your dog shots!

Virginia G said...

Maggie is so big!