Friday, February 11, 2011

Handspun Friday - FCK Mixed Blessing January 2011

I could not wait to get this fiber in the mail, after seeing photos of it from others, who already had it in their hands. I loved both colorways the moment I saw them. It's FatCatKnits Mixed Blessings Fiber Club January 2011 in Merino wool. I think Ginny is dyeing the most amazing colorways.

The red one: 5oz
FCK-MB fiber club Winter 2011 # 1 January-Merino-10oz-6

The blue one: 5oz
FCK-MB fiber club Winter 2011 # 1 January-Merino-10oz-2

There are little snow flakes on both of them. I had to go outside, even while snowing to take pictures, to get the true colors of the fiber.

Here's what I did with them: the red one: 275yds, navajo plied merino

FCK -MB Winter 2011-1-Merino-n-plied-red colorway-275yds-1

and the blue one: 236yds, navajo plied, merino (a little less, because Denny had to take a bite out of it)
FCK -MB Winter 2011-1-Merino-n-plied-blue colorway-236yds-4

I also wanted to make a 2-ply with both colorways together: 88yds, chunky
FCK -MB Winter 2011-1-Merino-2ply with each colorway-88yds-chunky-2

Here are the two colorways together: I want to use them together in a project.

FCK -MB Winter 2011-1-Merino-n-plied-blue & red colorway-1

And here's the whole family:
FCK -MB Winter 2011-1-Merino-n-plied-the whole family-1

And because I love this yarn, here's another shot:
FCK -MB Winter 2011-1-Merino-n-plied-the whole family-2

I can't wait for next FatCatKnits Mixed Blessing fiber club to arrive. It's already on its way!

Have a wonderful weekend!



peony said...

No wonder you like them, they are GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see what project you will use them toogether...I especially like the red/orange one.:-)

momsue84 said...

I second that! Beautiful colors! Gorgeous handspun! Glad the troops leave you alone long enough to spin.

Chery said...

Beautiful!! I love your spinning.

knottygnome said...

gorgeous! i love the 2ply the best.

Laurie said...

WOW!!! I loved the red but didn't think too much of the others till I saw all three together. Whatever you make with them will be beautiful, and I can't wait to see it!

Jewleigh said...

Gorgeous colors! Your spinning is always so lovely :o)

Michelle said...

You're making me feel more confident in my decision to navajo ply mine and use them together in a project. They look great!

Catherine said...

Your spinning is so skilful, neat and even. I love the blue colours best of all but they are all gorgeous.

Rhonda said...

That red one is delicious.

Anonymous said...

Love that chunky yarn especially. Thanks for the pix.

BodilE said...

It is really amazing to see how the fibers and the interaction of the colours change in the prosess from fiber to yarn. Really beautiful result! Can't wait to see what project you have in mind for these :)