Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy - 4 month old

Happy is 4 month old today and weighs 17kg, despite that he's allergic to (probably) rice, and we are having a hard time getting this issue under control. It looks like he's inherited this from his mom.

Sep.15 Happy is 4 month old -1
He's learned to step UP on this thing, and wait for the release O.K. I don't use it anymore, so I was glad that I remembered having it in the first place. Happy loves to stand there. He even does it on his own, without being asked.

Sep. 15-he likes the stepper-2

Last Saturday we had our first training lesson with dog trainer Ginny. It was not easy to find someone, with which we are comfortable with, or who would even return our calls/e-mails! On Sunday we went to the Canine Sniffer Instinct seminar Ginny was holding. It was very intersting as well.
With Happy we decided to try clicker/treat training, which works very well, since he loves his food!

Sep. 15-Monkey see Monkey do
Monkey see, monkey do!

Sep.15 Happy is 4 month old -2
I like this picture because of the shadow.

The one place Biko can be sure he does not follow her is the pool:

September 15 2009

Well, enough with the doggies already. Next time there will be somthing fibery, I promise!



Sharon V said...

I don't know about everyone else, but I love your doggie blog! You can craft anytime, but the puppy days fly by so fast.

It's been a wonderful journey so far, I hope you keep it going.

Frieda said...

What gorgeous photos !He looks to be quite a character !

Max's dog Zeus also has food allergies, rice for sure , but possibly some others too. Poor guy would break out in terrible rashes everywhere , which he would then lick making it even worse .Hope you can control Happy's reactions with his diet .

hakucho said...

Great photos :)

Renata S. P. said...

Hi Monika!

Happy is gourgeous, that could not be different!
It's funny to see Biko run away from him... poor Happy, he just wanna play!

momsue84 said...

Happy 4 month birthday to Happy! He gets cuter every day.

Susan said...

Clicker training is wonderful! I had the good fortune to train with Sue Ailsby who is one of the foremost clicker trainers in the world. There's lots of neat stuff on her website http://www.dragonflyllama.com/
if you're interested.

How are you and the Elizabeth getting along?

2paw said...

I love the pictures of The German Shepherds!! Happy is so funny standing there all by himself being ever so clever!!! I hope his allergy effects disappear soon. Poor baby. Biko is so clever to get away from him in the pool!! Good luck with your training, we're doing some here and Peri is starring!!!!

Carrie K said...

That shadow picture is really good.

Oh no! Poor Biko, when Happy learns to swim.

Anonymous said...

I bet Biko is in the pool a lot for her alone time now. So cute to see them together. :-)

Anonymous said...

such a cute puppy and such a dignified Biko!

Mo said...

I love the all doggie and fiber related photos. Happy 4 month anniversary to Lucky and good thoughts to Biko for being patient with her new charge!

charlie girl said...

I love your blog, people would be tired of me with mine in regards to my golden retriever Monty...so no worries peeps out her love dog stories and knitting projects too.

hannah said...

Lovely pictures Monika!! How fast Happy grows. I am glad you found a nice dogschool.

illusions said...

But we can never have enough of Biko and Happy's escapade. Happy looked really sad watching Biko swim. One thing which he still can't. Hilarious and absolutely adorable.

Tina said...

Oh, so cute Happy-pics again. If it’s only rice her is allergic to, it should be easy to avoid.

shannon said...

i'm with sharon v! i do love your knitting and all, but the puppy days do fly by...so share all you want. :)

T-Mom said...

Hard to get too much doggy content. :) I'm thrilled you're working with clickers with him--it's fun for both you and the dog, it's a gentle, positive way to train, and it's so exciting when that lightbulb comes on!