Thursday, July 19, 2007

RAIN! We've got some RAIN!

It finally rained, in fact it poured! Yippee! Everything is wet, and right now - steaming! Naturally I had to get out there. You could hear the "Ah!" from the vegetation, unfortunately for the poor apples the rain came to late. There are some left on the tree. These are all from one little apple tree!

These are like sponges, holding on to the wet goodness.

And this is my favorite picture of today: I've got this single droplet hanging from a thread of the big sun umbrella.

Oh, and after a lot of procrastinating and hair tearing, I've got the blanket all sewn up. Yeah, that's right! Now I've got to knit the borders on both shorter sides, and I'm done!!!

I'm sure all your good thoughts and sewing mojo sent my way, helped a lot! ;o)

And another favorite picture. Sam hates to be wet for any reason. Here he's shaking it off, and I hope the picture is "clickable" so you can see the drops fly in all directions! My little goofy! ;o)


Kat said...

Everything looks very happy to have rain! I'm thrilled to have sun finally, after weeks and weeks of rain.

The blanket looks awesome!! Congrats on getting it finished!

Dang, the last pictures aren't clickable. :-( I've got a tutorial on my blog about why they aren't (and how to make them clickable) if you're interested.

Anonymous said...

Yay for you getting rain FINALLY!!
Yay for sewing up the blanket, that last part was super fast.
You on the last length now :)
Sam's turned out foot cracks me up every time, sooo cute!

shannon said...

OMG! Sam is funny. The blanket is just as I expected...beautiful. And rain, isn't it lovely? We got some recently here in Portland.

Anonymous said...

Sam is so goofy. Rain! Yay! We got some too the other day, but it just damped it all out and made dusty muck.

The blanket looks good, from what I can see of it!

Violiknit said...

Congrats on sewing up the blanket! And yeay for getting rain! (Those apples seriously look like they were just growing on the ground). Sam is too cute!

Deb said...

Isn't it amazing what a big difference a little rain makes. We've had so much here in Switzerland that I'm so thankful we've had sun & warmth for a week now. *knock on wood* that the sunshine stays for a while.

I love your blanket! Wherever did you get pattern, or know how, to do those designs? Curious minds like to know. ;)

sgeddes said...

Poor apples, we could use a little rain too. Sam is a riot. Sherman won't go off ov the covered porch if it is raining or too hot. The personalities of these animals always makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the blamket is looking good: you are knitting like a house on fire!! How mice is the rain?? So good, we are in a drought even in Winter. I must wash the always rains then!!! I love the apples: we are The Apple Isle here.

TracyKM said...

What a lot of apples! Did they come off in the rain, or before the rain? Can you make cider?
Can't wait to see the finished blanket!

Kris B said...

Those are some nice pictures.

Congrats on almost finishing the blanket!

I took the spirit test. It said I'm an otter. The kids got a chuckle out of that. They don't see me as an otter.

Strickfimmel said...

Na endlich hat es bei Euch geregnet. Nach der langen Hitze wurde es ja auch langsam Zeit. Deine Decke wächst und wächst ... Sie sieht jetzt schon toll aus. Besonders gespannt bin ich, wie der fertige Rand aussehen wird. Und wieder ein schönes Foto von Sam. Irgendwie schaut er etwas betröppelt drein, aber niedlich.