Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Oh! Potz-Blitz!

I can NOT believe it! One hour wasted because my Internet provider can't get their act together. I was totally finished with my post, spell check and all, finger over the publish button, when the connection broke!!! Hear me yelling and tearing my hair!

There we go again: As I said before, don't get used to it, posting almost every day is not the norm, it's a anomaly, really!

I almost forgot again. I would like to thank you all for your nice compliments on my Noro Blanket and the Traveller's socks! I appreciate it!

I do have some socks to show you. I've seen them at Heike's blog and had, of course give them a try. I'm a sucker for different constructed sock designs. The first Sock gave me a little trouble. I think mainly because knitting with double points, one has to rearrange the stitches constantly (after the heel, where the shaping takes place). Also, I never got the required amount of stitches within the gusset decreases, and had to leave out some increases on the sole, which didn't matter, since you don't see that part anyway. The designer of these lovely Arch-shaped socks is Jen of 144 Inches of I-cord. And the pattern is free!

Anybody can take pictures on a sunny day. I liked a rainy day for the photo shoot, since we have so many of them right now.

I used OPAL Prisma color # 1192 on 2.5mm DP needles. The yarn is my favorite long lasting 75% super wash wool, 25% poliamide.

I'm still waiting for the lace needles to start knitting the lace vest for Hannah. Until then I'm amusing myself with other little knits. I finished a little bag last night. Photos coming soon!

I think it's only fair to show you the prize for my upcoming ONE YEAR blogging anniversary. I hope you'll like it!

I'm not going to enhance your stash this time. Everybody is saying, how they have too much yarn to knit during their life time anyway. So, I thought I'll help stash reduction with this book. You know, you only have to leave a comment until Saturday April 7, that's when I'll pick one lucky winner.

Princess Biko posing pretty on the Sofa.

I like this picture, Sam seems to hold out his cheek "Give me a kiss" like. Taking that pictures, I had to get on the floor, where I promptly hurt my knee on the coffee table. Don't laugh! I was never the same again (in Sam's eyes, since I used the F-word repeatedly, and he can't stand that!).


Anonymous said...

Superschön, Deine Bogensocken!
Und ich liebe Deine Hundefotos! Das musste einfach mal gesagt sein ;-)

Viele liebe Grüße

Dave said...

... ISP servers .... That's why I create my posts in MS Word and then transfer it to blogspot... I have been where you have been in losing stuff on the net.

Good to be back! :-)

Anonymous said...

I found your blog recently, and I loved browsing through your photo galleries. Congratulations on the anniversary.

Cathy in Sarnia

sgeddes said...

The picutres of the pups are great.

You are one fast knitter. Come on confess, do you have elves over there doing your knititng for you?

Anonymous said...

I really like those socks. And the dog pics! Your dogs are so handsome/pretty!

hakucho said...

Wow, your really are cranking out the socks. Very nice socks...pretty color! The rate you knit socks truely amazes me :)

happy knitting :)

Carol said...

That's a great shot of Sam!

Violiknit said...

Nice socks! Interesting shaping on the top, too. I love the "give us a kiss" pic! (sorry about the frustrating experience you had losing your post; what a bummer!)

Anonymous said...

oh - die Socken gefallen mir sehr gut - die muss ich wohl auch noch stricken. Und ja - ich schliess mich Tanja an - Deine Hundefotos find ich auch immer super!

Liebe Grüsse - Manuela

meg said...

those socks are great (as are the pictures)

as always, the doggies look adorable.

Anonymous said...

I so adore your dog pics! And the socks rock big time too - very beautiful colourway and an interesting construction indeed!

KarenD said...

Neat socks! I'll have to bookmark the pattern so I can give them a try once I get a bit better at socks. (Okay, a lot better.)