Friday, December 21, 2012

Handspun Friday - SCF Parrot and others

I've got myself some Parrot at an Southern Cross Fiber update some time ago. The color is right up my alley.

(put on your sun glasses!)

SCF-80Falkland 20Baby Alpaca-2x110gr-Parrot

This is a Falkland/Alpaca blend. Haven't seen that blend around much, so I had to give it a try. It spun up beautifully, and since it's only 20% Alpaca, it's not too hairy either.


I've got 183yds, 2-ply out of 4oz. It's fat yarn, and I love it.

SCF-Parrot-80-20 Falkland-Baby Alpaca-2ply-2-183yds

The reason why I mention this yarn now is, that the first yarn I spun for my fathers mittens was dismissed, because I want to pair it with this Parrot yarn for something, anything. As soon as I saw them together, I knew they belong into one project.

My first choice for my fathers mittens was a Merino/Yak/Silk blend. Only the best for him. I loved spinning it, and I like how the finished yarn looked.

Here you go. The fiber:
Julie Spins-60/20/20 Merino/Yak/cultivated Silk - 8oz

Two gorgeous skeins, with a total of 372yds, 2-ply yarn.

Julie Spins-2-ply-Merino-Yak-Silk-372yds

Julie Spins-2-ply-Merino-Yak-Silk-372yds-1

Another reason why this yarn didn't make it as mitten yarn is, that it's 2-ply, and I knew I wanted to do some cables. I like chain plied, or 3-ply yarn for that much better. Here they are togehter (night time, bad light, picture)


So, even though I think it's gorgeous yarn, I dismissed it, and spun my third yarn (I've shown you the second yarn in an earlier post)  for dad's mittens.

The fiber was not as special, but still wonderful soft. BFL/Silk nevertheless, undyed , and - boring! I did get 259yds, chain plied out of 4.1oz. I've put it in my handspun yarn stash for the moment. I've got more of this fiber, so I might spin up more for a bigger project, or change my mind a hundred times.

undyed BFL-Silk-chain plied-4.1oz-259yds-1

After it was done, I didn't think it was special enough, and kept digging into my fiber stash, slightly desperate to get the yarn done, and then the knitting. Next time I'll show you the winner!


Zenitude said...

That bright green yarn reminds me of that wall we often see in your photos. I love it too!

Lorraine said...

Monika- Love that green.mmmmmm!

Anonymous said...

I"m really looking forward to see how they harmonise in the composition !

Sharon V said...

Your attempts at getting the perfect yarn for mittens has resulted in some pretty and impressive yarns. I'm pretty sure your father will love whatever you come up with.

Catherine said...

The green and grey are just perfect together