Friday, December 14, 2012

Handspun Friday - Otter Den

I've put it in my head to spin some yarn for mittens for my dad for Christmas. As it turned out, nothing was good enough, OR had enough yardage, as with this yarn. In the end I spun four different yarns until the last one finally made it onto my needles.

So here's the second try. It's Corgi Hill Farms 4oz Merino/Yak in the colorway "Otter Den".

Corgi Hill Farm-Otter Den-OOAK-merino yak -4.2oz

I love how this fiber blend feels, but for reasons unknown to me, I never get great yardage out of 4oz of Yak blend. This time it's only 189yds/worsted weight, chain plied.

CHF-4oz Merino-Yak-Otter Den-chain plied-total of 189yds-

I devided it in half lengthwise, and spun for each mitten separately.

CHF-4oz Merino-Yak-Otter Den-chain plied-total of 189yds-

I love how it came out. Too bad it was not enough for full man mittens.

CHF-4oz Merino-Yak-Otter Den-chain plied-total of 189yds-

It can always become a hat now, because I already made fingerless mittens from such a fiber blend.

BTW- last night started out crazy as well, but once Happy realized that there's no Boogy Man stalking him, he finally relaxed and slept. But I also think his paw hurt a little, they might be cracked. He's so sensitive in having people touch his feet, even me looking at them makes him fretful.

David's acrylic no-sew blanket-73in x 88in-8

Here he's sitting on my foot stool, well aware that it's Denny's favorite spot, enjoying his "victory" for a few seconds, or until Denny realizes it. Note his ears, tuned in on Denny's location. Poor boy, it sucks to be at the bottom of the pack.


Lena MadHatter said...

yarn is awesome! I found original lopi in thrift store and am absolutely amazed how soft and grassy (literally, a lot of stuff inside :-D)it is.
Happy is just sweet! and this beautiful nose! :-* tell him, please, that he has a huge admirerer in Poland :-D

momsue84 said...

Milo's pads crack, too, from the cold and snow. The vet told me to dry his paws every time he comes inside. It's a pain but seems to help.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

It's hard to believe, that Happy, being the biggest of them - it's the underdog!

Catherine said...

I love the colours in that yarn - the tiny pops of pink are perfect. I hope you get a fabulous hat out of it

Susan said...

Very pretty fiber and yarn! You know I love blue. The vet told me to use Vaseline on cracked foot pads. It seemed to help even though it got licked off pretty quickly.

Sharon V said...

I like the color and if there had been enough yardage they would have been great men's mittens.

Yak is new to me, never tried it. Is it soft?