Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Peaceful times

It might not be believable, but we DO have peaceful times around here too. First Maggie got to run around to get tired. She moved into Denny's crate, he moved into Happy's bigger crate, and Happy is out of a crate now, staying on the sofa. Thank goodness, he's a good boy, not destroying anything, and I'm able to leave him alone, without having to worry.

After Maggie was taken care off, I went outside to play with the boys. Once back inside, Denny found a lovely spot in the sun.

Happy was so dirty, I had to hose him down before he could come inside. It's awful in our backyard right now. It's been raining, and the water is just standing there, nothing can absord another drop of rain. The ground is not frozen yet either. It's just a big muddy, wet mess. I hate it!

Happy found a spot under my desk, and for a while all three of them slept. How nice! After I took these pictures, the boys changed position, with Happy on the sofa, and Denny by my feet, but still great snoring all around.
Two days ago, I had a great mail day. Since it's been gray for days now, I don't have great pictures to show. I've been waiting for this book for two month, and it finally arrived! It's Crochet Lace by Mary Konior. This book was hard to find, and I've got it used. I thought it would be an older book, especially since its pages are yellowy, but it was first published in 1991. It's a lovely book, and I hope that I can play around with a hook soon. The only thing not so nice is, that the book smells of smoke. I hate that!

Crochet Lace by Mary Konior
The other wonderful thing that happened was (and I think it's a great magic trick): I've sent some left over sock yarn to Valerie, for her mitered squares afghan, and got back some lovely self-striping yarn in my favorite colors! How neat is that? :o)
Although we are using the kitchen now, there's still great frustration going on here. The missing parts have not come yet, and things needing repair are not done either. Appointments have been made, and rescheduled many times. I'm quite frustrated by it all.
Better go and pet me some warm pup bodies to calm down. :o)


BeatrixB said...

about the smoke odor: put the book into a tupperware box with an open box of baking soda for a while! that should help

your pups are gorgeous.

Kathy said...

I do love puppies. All baby animals, really. She just looks adorable. And snugglable.

CelticCastOn said...

awww yay for Happy graduating out of the crate :) I bet he thinks he's in heaven! Such sweet pups!

Virginia said...

Cute puppies!

And that crochet book looks awesome!

Carrie#K said...

I get busy with deadlines then take a vacation and you get a puppy? She's so cute!!!

I love your kitchen. I hope all the bugs get worked out of it soon.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

So glad you like the yarn - hopefully there will be enough peaceful times that allow you to knit it!

2paw said...

It's hard to believe Happy was once such a tiny pup!! Maggie looks so sweet all curled up asleep, Denny too, in the sun. I think he'll enjoy being the middle one!! Happy looks clean and white!!

Spundun said...

Ahhh, the dogs look so peaceful...

The book is great, I borrowed it from my library and loved it, so inspiring!

Enjoy the peace while it lasts, lol!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Happy is such a good boy!!!! I'm jealous - LOL

All looks snug and cozy and full of crafting inspiration in your neck of the woods ~ enjoy :)