Monday, December 27, 2010


With all the built up, Christmas is over so quickly, and always leaves me a little BLAH. For the last two weeks in this year, I'm commited to finish my WIP's. After the Daybreak failure, I've decided, I work better, with a clean slate, and besides it's time those WIP's get finally done anyway.
I've only 1 1/2 rounds on my Giant Granny Square Blanket to go, cut the ends (I've crochet them in as I went), steam iron it, and it's done.
This blanket is going to be huge. No left over yarn used here. It's a yarn eater for sure.
I haven't done any Christmas cookie baking, but I did bake a Reindling (very easy yeast cake, filled with cocoa, butter, cinnamon, chocolate/cayenne pepper for a little kick), as requested by my son. I made two of them, and they turned out very well. I left out the raisins though, turns out that's one thing my family has in common, the dislike of raisins. I haven't been baking for most of the year, obviously, and start to enjoy it again. I have to wrap my head around the fact, that I have a fully functional kitchen again, and can do whatever I want to do in it.
Dec.23-baking Kaerntner Reindling

Ah, innocent looking Maggie. She's already attacked my crochet blanket, and ran off with the ball of yarn attached to it twice. She's chewed on the single thread from my spinning wheel, and it gave me a deja vu from not long ago, Denny doing all the same things (ahem, he's still doing it too, but not as often).

O.K. the green on my wall is NOT that shade you see here! Anyway, isn't she cute?


Eeeeeek - get away from me!

Happy and Maggie playing
Even though Happy loves to play with Maggie, sometimes her needle sharp teeth are a bit too much for him, so he goes to the one place she can't follow him (yet). The brown sofa is just a little too high for her to jump on. And she's really trying very hard to get up there too.

Dec.7 Denny

Denny is laughing his head off because of the two of them (in reality he's just protesting to have to sit still for a photo, that's all.) I love his pearly white teeth!


Anni said...

Love your giant granny blanket. I started one a year ago but only work on it every now and the and only halfway.

Michelle said...

Maggie looks like she'll fit right in with the big boys. I've been thinking about using January to clear out some WIPs myself but we'll see.

CelticCastOn said...

ohhh your baking looks delicious!!
Is Denny perhaps giving maggie lessons when you aren't looking??
Enjoy that sofa while you can Happy!

Virginia said...

ah, the pups are so cute!

sorry about Maggie's mischeviousness. Hopefully she (and Denny) will calm down about yarn soon.

I'm still having "conversations" with Beezer about how the yarn is, in fact, MY toy and not his.

Freyalyn said...

The ears, they are almost upright! What lovely photos. I love Denny's action shot. Blessings for the New Year for all of you.

Anonymous said...

Love the dog-heavy post! Maggie's ears are so cute! I love how one of them flops over more than the other. :)

2paw said...

Boxing Day is always a bit of a let down I think, good luck with your finishing off. My word, your cooking looks so delicious and fabulous!!
Maggie is so cute and her ears are staying up now, she looks much more grown up. Happy is very sensible, we always sat on the bed to hide from the puppy!! Denny is such a good boy to sit still even though he doesn't want to!!

Carrie#K said...

Your Giant Granny Square blanket is really cute! I like the colors.

Puppy nose!! Squee!

Maggie looks so adorable. Happy is getting his back from his puppyhood!

Reindling looks delicious. I don't hate raisins but I wouldn't miss them either. Isn't it nice to have a REAL kitchen again?

Grand Purl Baa said...

I really am a sucker for your canine photos.

Gotta LOVE these.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Maggie is just toooooo cute! And I am so jealous of the giant granny square - I really do have to learn to crochet!

Sharon V said...

Boy have I been missing all the news! Your blanket is lovely, David's little Maggie is beautiful and your boys are as handsome as ever!

(I have got to catch up!!)

Merry Christmas.

Life's a Stitch said...

LOVE every photo in this post!

hakucho said...

Maggie is sooo cute...her photos on the Christmas linens would make a super Christmas card :)

Your Reindling cake looks delicious. I love working with yeast doughs. Perhaps you might share your recipe? It looks like something my family would love :)

May 2011 bring you much joy and happiness :)