Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I've been following Paivi's blog for a while now, and I love her colorful creativity, especially her knit/crochet folks bag. She had a give a way on her blog, and I was lucky to get a set of her beautiful cards. Thanks!
gift from Paivi Eerola-2

Look at the pretty stamps, they are lovely too: I don't get to see stamps like that all that often anymore. It's mostly the print out from the post offices, unless one asks for nice stamps, they don't use them anymore. Stamps are little works of art, I'm not a collector, but I think it's sad, that they get thrown out so easily.
gift from Paivi Eerola-3-love the stamps

Here's the link to her etsy store, if you like those cards, or just want to have a look around.
As usual with a new puppy I'm home bound, especially with this weather right now. I'd rather my son does all the errands, because the roads are in bad shape with all the snow, and ice. Last night was horrible cold, with heavy winds. Maggie needed to poop, but screamed bloody murder, when carried outside, and held it in until this morning, which was just a little bit better. Later today she'll get her next round of shots, which means a trip to the Vet.
The boys can't be outside for more then three or four minutes, before they start lifting their paws because of the cold. Once again I'm thankful for our large basement, with carpet flooring. They play so nicely down here, and even to the point where their tongues are lolling, and they are exhausted, and sleep.
Well, it looks like more snow is coming. Glad to be inside, where it's warm, and the tea pot is steaming. Oh, by the way, since yesterday our kitchen is officially finished! Our contractor came and brought the missing pieces, installed them, replaced another 3 cabinet doors, which were damaged, and I hadn't even noticed. They didn't say anything, because they didn't want me to get more upset. He had to fix a few things, but now it's done! Took only half a year to finish it all.


Virginia said...

YAY for having a finished kitchen!

And love the dogs playing in the basement. That's fantastic. :)

Michelle said...

Very pretty cards. I was sort of collecting stamps for a little while but it wasn't something that stuck. Yay for the kitchen being finished! It's funny how things tend to not get finished unless you get really tough with the contractor.

CelticCastOn said...

yay for a finished kitchen finally!! Hope all goes well Maggie's needles today!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Glad your kitchen is finally done!
We final got some snow here and it's been bitter cold. I can't blame the pups for not wanting to go out - I don't want to either!

Anonymous said...

Those cards are beautiful!

And congrats on the finished kitchen. I'm sure it must be nice to be done! :)

Päivi Eerola said...

Thanks for featuring my cards! Finnish post has lovely stamps and I always try to buy as many different as I can get! Every year they organize a vote for the most beautiful stamp of the year.