Monday, December 20, 2010


I really wanted to show you my finished Elphaba mittens, but the batteries in the camera crapped out, and the daylight was gone, once they were finished recharging. But that does not mean I have nothing to show.
Here's my Daybreak, another of Stephen West's designs. I love this design, but this piece is no more. I've ripped it.
Daybreak not happening
I was close to finishing it too! It's my own fault of course, because I didn't read the instructions well enough. I found out about myself, that I really like charts more, then written out instructions. When the row is long, you can overlook a decrease, or increase easily. I've started this shawl several times, and didn't like the increases, tried different ones, until I was satisfied. It looked nice to me, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with the original instructions.
I knew there was something wrong with the center stitch increases, but ignored it, until I no longer could.
I've used some cotton yarn here, it has a lovely drape, and feels soft. I like it because of the color changes. But, I think I like it more for crochet, and that's why I'll use it for a bag or something.
I'm not casting on Daybreak again right away, but need a break to do something else first.
This photo was taken December 10th. Maggie has outgrown her first fleece jacket already, but we'll wait and see if she needs another one. She's been fine without one the last week. She's played in the snow, and shivered not once. She also was very itchy when she had it on. But she sure was cute in her jacket. :o)
Dec. 12
The spot under my desk seems to be a favorite spot for all the pups.

Dec. 12

She's the wildest pup so far, even mores so than Denny was. At least he could be let off leash at this age! She's trying to get through every small opening, and runs like the wind around the pool, mostly like a bunny, not in a straight line, and often stopping dead, so that we have a hard time not falling over her. As all the others she loves the snow. She was 10 weeks yesterday.
Dec. 15

And here's another boys on the couch photo. It will get crowded soon, since Maggie managed to jump on the red sofa last night for the first time!
We still spend a lot of time down in the basement, since it's a wonderful playground for the pups, with the carpet flooring. That's why I still have my spinning wheel down there too.
Hmmm, this post went into a different direction. I was going to talk about something else. Oh well, have to do that next time.


Michelle said...

I love pictures of sleeping dogs on couches. Makes me want to curl up and join them! One of my other friends knit Daybreak and it came out well. If I ever wore shawls I might be tempted to knit it myself. :-)

lexa said...

Your Maggie is so cute!

By the sounds of it my Maggie and Jewel may get to play in some snow today. It hasn't started yet, but the forecast for today is for up to 6" before changing to rain around midnight. It will be our first real snowfall. So far we've gotten about one inch that was melted away by morning.

CelticCastOn said...

Maggie is sooo sweet, you'd never know she was a wild one :)
T saw Happy sleeping on the couch and started panting like a dog heheh she does that when I read her ten little dogs book. I told her look Happy's sleeping shhhhh :)

Laurie said...

I so love the pictures of your dogs!! Each one is perfect in his or her own way.

Ruth said...

The doggies on the couch are priceless. Where is poor Maggie going to fit in? They are so funny.

Susan said...

Maggie looks like the quintessential puppy in those pics, from the way she holds her head to how she stretches her back legs out when she lies down. And those pics of her in her coat... too adorable!

I think you will need a much bigger couch when Maggie grows more and wants to sleep up there with the boys.

Virginia said...

oh, I can't tell you the problems I've had with Stephen West designs. I think he is just too clever for me.

I was thinking about attempting one again, when I get a spare bit of knitting time. Ha.

Anyway, the dogs are awesome. Your photos and stories about them never fail to brighten my day.

hakucho said...

Don't you wish you could keep Maggie just as she is for a little while longer....she sure is growing fast!! All your "kids" are very cute, especially Maggie :)

2paw said...

Maggie is the cutest thing out, she looks gorgeous in her coat!! She has grown so quickly and I can't believe she is more wicked than Denny!! Do those Boys leave room for her? It looks like Happy and Denny have the couch all sorted out.

Maria said...

Thank you for sharing, I love the pups it always makes my day and that Maggie, what a cutie!!