Tuesday, December 07, 2010

First real snow day for Denny!

Denny was born in February, and we've got him at the end of April, so there was no snow left for him to explore. But as all our dogs do, he LOVES it! I wish I could upload the videos we've made over the last week, of Maggie and the boys, but it's just not working. Anybody knows what could be the problem? I've checked, the videos are not too big, and not too long for flickr to be uploaded there. It just stops at 99% and after that it "processes" until I stop it. Sigh.
Anyway, here are a few photos of the boys yesterday afternoon, enjoying the snow.
Dec. 6-first snow day
It's hard to keep ones face out of the white fluffiness!

Dec. 6-first snow day
My pretty boy! He's been a bit grumpy these days. He acts like all shoveled snow belongs to him, and him alone. He jumps right into the snow flying from my shovel, and growls at Denny if he wants to get in on the fun.
Dec. 6-first snow day
Sitting still is REALLY hard!
Dec. 6-first snow day
See how Happy's chest is a little pinkish? That's from Denny's saliva, where he grabs Happy when they play (fight). Happy just grabs Denny's fat roll around his neck, and since he's brown already, one can not see discoloration, and he does not seem to mind, he's got a neck like a bull.

Dec. 6-first snow day
Are you going to throw the ball or what?

Dec. 6-first snow day

Happy found a tennis ball, which had another one frozen to it.

Dec. 6-first snow day

Meanwhile, little Miss Maggie has a bladder infection, as we'd suspected. David went to the Vet with her yesterday. She was just peeing too much, even for a puppy, and her pee was too yellow. Even with her being cold, and small, she enjoys jumping into snow heaps, as long as you keep her warm afterwards, it's fine. She's even harder to photograph then the boys.
Poor camera, desperately trying to focus on the white fluff ball. Well, at least her chest hairs are in focus. Just in case you are wondering, she is pure White Shepherd, and her ears are starting to stand up, a little bit more each day.
I better get a spot cleared of snow for her to pee....


Michelle said...

Sometimes I had problems uploading videos while on the road. I would just keep trying and the second or third time it would go the whole way. Took a lot of patience. Nimitz probably can't wait for some snow but we haven't closed up the fence yet for the yard for him to be off leash.

Gisela from Germany said...

I love your pictures of the doggies. Since our dog died last year, reading your blog (with my hobby knitting) is one of my favorite pleasures.

Natys said...

I know i always say the same things...
Denny is SO BIG is a whole dog hahahahah
Happy is beautiful, looks so serious and grown up
And that little girl is a beauty, oh i want a puppy!!!!

I do not know the snow yet, so probably I will be like them when I do it
Many hugs

Anonymous said...

Great pix of the dogs. Hope the little one is feeling better soon. I'm sure pups hate bladder infections just as much as humans do.

lexa said...

I wondered if she was a pure white Shepherd - she sure looked like it!

We haven't had any snow yet, and I am thankful. The dogs love it, and the kids do, too. Well - we had snow one night that amounted to an inch maybe, and it turned to rain and was gone in the morning.

CelticCastOn said...

humm I'm going to assume my first comment didn't make it through.
Happy is such a photogenic dog, beautiful boy!
I'm glad Denny has a neck like a bull hahaha Molly swings on Boston's like that too and Boss loves every minute of it.
I think D has taken to the snow like a fish does water. Hope little maggie is feeling better soon!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

We had a cat that just adored the snow - she use to kick it up with her front paws and run under it. I'm tempted to take Tux out this year - but so far no snow here - just a few flurries and cold, cold, cold!

2paw said...

That Denny, he's a card!! He loves the snow, I reckon he could be totally white without too much effort. Happy is a very regal looking dog now, he's so funny, two frozen tennis balls!!!!
Poor baby Maggie, I know can tell she is a proper white German Shepherd, but she still has her baby folding over ears and her short little muzzle!!
Peri and Gilly send big tail wags and happy sniffs to Maggie, hope she feels better soon.

AmyPinSeattle said...

love the pics! reminds me of living in minnesota!

Freda said...

If the puppy doesn't get better with antibiotics ask the vet to test for Addison's disease. I had a puppy that peed all the time. He was near impossible to housebreak, but we didn't consider Addison's disease until he almost died. It is not so common that vets automatically think of it.

Susan said...

A two-fer tennis ball retrieve! Yeehaw!

And those little girls and bladder infections - it's so common in females. Cooper went through a phase of it too but the vet clinic was amazed because it's usually seen in females.