Monday, July 05, 2010

swimming lessons 2 & 3

This past weekend was hot, and it's supposed to get even hotter during the week. Every time we went outside, the pups would run around, and hide in the shade. We've got lots of floating toys for them, and they love them all. On Saturday we pushed them in at the stairs, where they so bravely grabbed whatever washed up near the edge.
July 3

This Kong Wubba is Denny's favorite, and Happy steals it away from him as often as possible.

July 3
They just go in as far as the first two steps. Happy likes the rubber bones.

July 3

Denny was patiently waiting for the Wubba to come close enough so he could grab it. At first he barked at it, when he noticed that it came his way.

July 3

Just getting his feet wet to cool off, and also waiting for Happy, because:

July 3

Happy had his first swim by himself! He went in after the rubber bone all by himself. He still uses only the stairs, and does not jump in from the sides, but that's fine. He loves swimming, and now goes in every time we are outside. Yeah! But we have to get Denny out of the way, or he wont come out, because the little devil barks, and bites him, making it hard and painful to get out of the pool. First time we noticed what was going on, Happy just turned around and did another lap. Good thing that they are never outside by themselves.

July 3

Denny does not go in on his own yet, but enjoys the short, forced swim, and especially the cooling off part. Every time after they were in the pool, they run around like crazies. It's fun to watch.

Lattice sock # 1

I've also cast on for a new pair of socks. This is Beaded Lattice socks from the book Sock Club. I'm not using beads though. The yarn is Wandering Cat Yarns in the colorway Campfire. Lovely.



wolltrunken said...

Was fuer herrliche Bilder - der schwimmende Happy sieht aus wie ein Eisbaer!

Liebe Gruesse

von Birgit

2paw said...

What a brave and clever boy Happy is and he looks right at home in the water too. Denny is a bit wicked and I think HE thinks he controls the World!!! It is good that they have a swim so they can cool off!!
Nice orange there!!

Ann said...

Nice photos of your wonderful dogs.
I dare not show them to my own dog because we does not have a pool and she loves to swin ;-)
Beautiful socks - both the pattern and the color!

Frieda said...

Yay for Happy , he's a big boy now ! The photo with Denny from the top looking at the toys is striking with the reflection of the sun , the colours are just beautiful . Denny reminds me of Max's dog Zeus , he never leaves Alaska alone , always wants to play . Alaska tolerates it , but you can tell he gets fed up with the upstart .

The socks are going to be gorgeous ! Beautiful yarn !

CelticCastOn said...

Awww they are doing well!
I'm sure by next month they will be jumping off the side like pro's.
Loving those orange socks!

momsue84 said...

Yeay for Happy! Denny will come along soon, I'm sure. It's so much fun to see them in the pool. No heat here. It's 51 now. Fine with me. love the color of yarn for the new socks!

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous yarn, love the colour look forward to the completed article. Your dogs are wonderful, make me yearn for one, but will have to make do with a cat, young kids and a hamster and of course my knitting. Anita in the UK

Alexandra said...

That's going to be a beautiful sock!

How nice that the dogs are enjoying the summer! Looks like they're having a lot of fun!

Laurie said...

What is this with all the cool orange yarns lately? I don't even like orange, and this is the third or fourth one I've caught myself drooling over just this week. LOL!

Love the swimming doggy pics. My Wilbur does NOT like to be wet. It was a huge accomplishment for him to walk out to chest depth at the dog park pond. There will be no swimming lessons for my boy (who sez, "Uh, Mom...sheep don't swim, so why should I?") :-)

Michelle said...

You're giving me hope that I could eventually get Nimitz to swim!

Virginia said...

Gorgeous! Absolutely lovely socks.

And I'm so glad the pups are getting more comfortable in the water. That's awesome!

Walden said...

The boy's pool time is adorable. I'm sure Happy likes his pool time as a small break from his little brother. :)

Absolutely love the color of the new socks!

Anonymous said...

Yay for swimming dogs!

I wish I could find a spot for Sadie to swim. I think she'd love it.

Susan said...

Your pool looks so beautiful! I want one too. It sounds so funny to me that you train the dogs to go in it. I would shudder at the amount of grooming that would be required if my furry shelties went for a swim every day.

Natys said...

i wonder if my cats would swim... should i try??? hahahaha

I want a dog!!!! In the meantime i get entertainment with yours.

Beautiful pool too and very promising socks

SockPixie said...

Yummy socks. I am jealous of the dogs who have a pool!