Monday, January 04, 2010

On and on and on it goes ....

This year I started with a couple of charity squares. I saw same gorgeous blankets (rav link) made out of these squares on ravelry, and wanted to learn how to crochet them. The pattern turned out to be free, as long as you send in one finished square (or many) for Krochet Krystal to assemble blankets for charities. The only drawback is, they must be made of acrylic yarn, either white background with pastel colored petals, or black background with bright colored petals. Well, I have a huge stash, but not much of acrylic yarn in worsted weight.

Daisy Flower Charity Squares-acrylic-7inches square

These two squares were made with Bernat Satin I had stuffed in a bag, stuffed in another bag. I was surprised to find these colors. I had some really bright yellow and dark purple, and dark blue as well. Anyway, this yarn is NOT made for crochet, don't let anyone tell you otherwise! It's so darn splity, it's not funny anymore. I was going to make at least 4 squares to send of, but after these two I was ready to tear my hair out and scream. You know what that yarn does? It splits and then the same yarn slips through the opened up plies, and tangles up good. The white ball just fell apart suddenly, (it says Satin on the label, it really is slippery) and it was an incredible tangled mess. I could not crochet any further, and was considering cutting it off. But - my son is very patient. He untangled it, like so many other yarns before this one, and just mentioned, that he never had such a bad yarn in his hands. Long story short, even though there is some left over yarn, it will go into the garbage can. Sorry, yarn.
For now my crochet itch got scratched with this little project. Oh, I forgot to say, that I would not have been able to crochet this with the printed pattern, but there are tutorials on Krystal's yahoo group, with lots of pictures, and all that helped me understand it. Once you get it, it's easy enough, it's just that first square. It showed me, how basic my crochet skills are.

One day I'll start a Daisy Flower square blanket. I've not made a blanket in a l o n g time, right?

But in the meantime I've joined a group on ravelry - 10 shawls in 2010! I've read about it on another blog, but joined only after Angelika sent me an invitation. My thinking is, that's not even a challenge for me, since I made 13 shawls/shawlettes in 2009, 10 shawls will be easy enough. And I don't intend to only make small ones either. But the first shawl I chose is on the smaller side:

It's the Haruni shawl by Emily Ross. (Sorry about the ravelry links, don't know of a link not on ravelry). I've cast on and knit some, and while typing this, I look down on my blue fingers. At first I was surprised that this yarn, sw merino felt so stiff. But now I think it's the excess color on it. It might get softer after giving the shawl a good warm bath to get rid of all the excess color. It's a gorgeous blueish colorway, with many different shades of blue. I haven't knit many things blue I think. It feels - funny. I was going to knit all these shawls from stash, and I had to root around it for a while to find a skein with enough yardage to make this one. (475yds needed)
The yarn is Spritely Goods, Sylph Fine Fingering in colorway: limited edition Ryujin (?) it's handwritten and I can barely read it.

Spritely Goods Sylph Fine Fingering ` 510yds -for Haruni shawl # 1 in 10shawls in 2010

I've cast on for this shawl, even though I'm still on my first Chevron Love mitten, and my first Puppy Love sock. I finished some gorgeous handspun yarn (if I say so myself), and hopefully will spin the wheel with my next project soon.
Meanwhile, I'm having fun outside with the pups in the snow, even though the temps are around -25C with wind chill. Happy is definitely a snow dog. So many cute things happened out there, and no way I could capture it for you, but I'll try.

There are still some FO's from last year to show you, some mittens, some scarves, and some shawls, oh my! ;o)



2paw said...

The shawl is beautiful, it has the lovely star-shape on the back. Blue is a different colour. it is like when I use something that isn't green, it just looks wrong.
Yuck, how awful to have splitty wool. I hate that and it is perfectly right to throw it away, it is of no use. The Daisy squares are lovely.
Good luck with your Ten shawls, I am sure you will achieve your goal!!

Susan said...

I adore that color blue but I wouldn't enjoy the dye coming off on my hands. Blue is a tough dye to fully exhaust but still. That's a really pretty shawl pattern.]

I've worked with Satin. It's soft but pills and, of course, splits. I have no love for most acrylics.

clknits said...

That is one gorgeous shawl! Thanks for the Ravelry link, and I can hardly wait to see your wip.

Krochet Krystal said...

Thank you for your perseverance with the daisies! You have also sent at least person to the pattern on my blog with your posting! Great job. (And thanks for the recommendation on the Satin - I have some and was wondering whether to knit or crochet!)

hakucho said...

Your daisy squares are charming :) I bet once their sewn together it will make a beautiful blanket!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Ah. Charity knitting. Reminds me that I ought to do something civic oriented. Love the happy flower pattern.

A year of shawls - yeah! I just this afternoon settled on my next one and can't wait to begin :) Just after I finish my socks!

Restless Knitter said...

I joined that group a long time ago and just never could figure out how to make the daisy squares. Yours are adorable.

Michelle said...

I haven't looked at the daisy square pattern yet but I have a feeling I already know how it's constructed. I should verify though! One of my friends joined the shawl group and I followed along but I don't know as I'll actually do it. Maybe watching you will inspire me!

T-Mom said...

Oh wow, that is a beautiful shawl, and it's going to look fabulous in that blue yarn. can't wait to see the f niished product. :)

I wonder, if you get blue fingers working with the yarn, do you get then get blue doggers when you pet them? ;-)

hannah said...

I think that shawl will be beautiful!

Too bad about that yarn. The blocks look lovely but I agree that working with acrylic just isn't fun.

25 degrees below?! Oh my, here it is only a few degrees below and I am cold!

You were right about Ysja, she does like snow a lot!