Monday, January 25, 2010

Embudito Canyon Mittens

dark green mittens
After Meida's mittens, I've got the taste for more mitten knitting. The great thing about those is, that you only have colorwork on the cuff, and just plain knitting for the rest of the mitten. This is wonderful for me, because when I see a stranded knitting mitten with colorwork all over, I feel like crying. I get very whiny, and cranky, even if I choose to make them myself, and nobody is holding a gun to my head.
So these are just right for me.

dark green mittens

dark green mittens
pattern: Embudito Canyon mittens by Nanette Blanchard
yarn: elann Peruvian Highland wool, in color # 7359524 (dark green), color # 1477491 (light green).
needles: for the cuff 3.5mm, for the rest of the mitten 3.25mm
size: womens large
start-finish: November 3-5, 2009

I love this pattern! The basic mitten construction fits very well, and the instruction were clear and easy to follow.

dark green mittens

It's been raining since yesterday, and it's grey, and wet outside. The backyard, our playground is mushy, and if the temperatures drop, it will be one big ice rink. My mood is accordingly blue too.


Mo said...

Beautiful mittens and pattern!

SockPixie said...

These are beautiful. I love the earthy tons you picked. Thanks for sharing.

Lynn said...

ugh. i know. isn't this weather the pits? today is a good day for knitting... that's my plan anyway.

the mitts are beautiful!
perfect for when your backyarn freezes over.


knottygnome said...

i love these! such beautiful contrast.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I like wearing mittens, but I don't like knitting them - I'm not sure why, but I hate mitten knitten!
Yours look great!

lexa said...

Love your mittens!

We've got a lot of snow here, but today it's drizzly, and we have a heavy rainfall warning and a wind warning for tonight. That's going to make a big mess and cause a lot of flooding, I would imagine. It'll probably all freeze after a couple of days.

Sharon V said...

I love your mittens. I especially like that while they are a fast knit, they are still interesting to make because of the colorwork.

Wear them in good health!

Unknown said...

Lovely mittens!

And yes, the weather is craptacular here too. Rain is blowing in sideways. BLAH.

Bea said...

Deine Fäustlinge sind sehr schön geworden. Deine Aversion gegen Allovermuster kann ich nicht so recht nachvollziehen, das ist doch wirklich einfach bei Fäustlingen. Ok, bei Fingerhandschuhen, an den Fingern ist es schon gemein. Aber Fäustlinge haben doch große Flächen.

Grüßle, die Bea

Nanette said...

I love the colors you chose!

Guzzisue said...

ok, when are you openning the mitten orphanage :-)

Michelle said...

I know the feeling on colorwork mittens. I haven't been able to bring myself to actually finish any yet. And same with the rainy windy yucky weather and mood. At least it's warm!

2paw said...

They're beautiful and best of all they appear to fit!!!
How we long for rain here, we haven't had rain for 5 or 6 weeks. We long for mushiness in the back yard though I can see it could be a problem with your shiningly white pups!!!
Hope you are in the pink soon.

momsue84 said...

Love the mittens! Did you purchase the entire book? If so, was it worth purchasing? And the wool you used-is it worsted weight? I'm really liking these mittens!!!

pat said...

I really like the stranded cuff/plain hand - beautiful!

lookinout said...

The mitts are super, the stitches and colours so crisp and defined.


illusions said...

Fantastic pair mittens! Am wondering should I try out one after all? Love to big boy Happy and Biko.