Friday, January 22, 2010

Hanspun Friday - A Batt

I've got this batt as a free gift with an order. I don't like spinning from batts, and this was a real PIA to spin. I think it was not carded enough, although I have never done carding myself. It looked like the lint out of my dryer, but it was sooooo very soft to the touch, and I really wanted to know how this mish-mash of fibers would turn out.

free gift from Fluff-n-Stuff 50g batt merino, cashmere, nylon, corriedale, BFL very soft stuff

This is a blend of merino, cashmere, nylon, corriedale, and BFL.

free gift from Fluff-n-Stuff 50g merino, cashmere, nylon, corriedale, BFL very soft stuff - navajo plied - 51g batt ~ 155yds-2

I was surprised that I still got ~ 155yds of navajo plied yarn out of it. At the beginning I picked out the nebs, but soon it got so bothersome, that I just wanted it to be done.
I thought of knitting wrist warmers with it at some point.

I almost forgot to mention, that I've got this woven scarf from Sharon ! She promised me her first woven project off her new loom, and here it is! I'm very impressed, thanks Sharon! :o)

gift from Sharon, her first woven scarf!

I seem to be having a lucky streak, because I've got this knitting book as a gift from Monica's blogiversary give away.
gift from Monica

Thanks, Monica!



knottygnome said...

wow, i never would have guessed that the yarn you spun came from that batt. that's kind of what i love about batts. it's really pretty. :-)

Virginia said...

I love that yarn! So beautiful!

I'm a little intimidated by spinning, so I am incredibly impressed with people who spin.

Bea said...

du magst keine Batts? Gut zu wissen. Ich liebe diese bunten Dinger, für den Überraschungseffekt beim zwirnen.

Und ich finde das Batt im Bild auch nicht zu wenig kardiert. Da würde der ganze Effekt dahinsausen. Nur den Polyanteil, den würde ich nicht haben wollen. Das mag ich nicht spinnen, das pflutscht so weg.

Weißt du was? Ich geh jetzt ne Runde spinnen. Ich hab nämlich noch einen Rest von meinem Batt auf die Spule zu bringen und dein Beitrag erinnert mich dran. Und da mir meine momentan entzündete Schulter stricken übelnimmt, setz ich mich jetzt ans Spinnrad.

Grüßle, die Bea

Sharon V said...

You hit the knitting mother lode! All that beautiful yarn, AND fiber AND a good book too. Wow! Enjoy!

RC said...

good yardage on that batt!
love the woven scarf, so jealous.

Michelle said...

I definitely would not have seen that yarn coming from that batt. Looks really pretty!

Gloria Patre said...

You are such an amazing spinner!! The yarn look smooshy soft and simply beautiful! I couldn't have imagined turning that batt into something that nice! Well done you!
Glad you like the book!