Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I take it back!

I thought we were beyond that ....

As I was writing my last post, Happy felt he had to show me, that he's NOT solely here to amuse me or cheer me up. Since I was revealing such intimate details about his foot fetish, he took his revenge.

busted-Happy Jan.11
He knows exactly where it hurts! When I first saw this, my heart almost stopped. Because I thought he's unraveled this:

Happy returned to the scene of the crime- Jan.11
Returning to the scene of the crime. Does he look a little guilty?

Thank god, he was kind enough to get a new ball from the basket instead.
That by the way, is my new long term project, a Giant Granny Square blanket! It eats up yarn like nothing else, and takes probably forever.

I have to share this with you: one brought a big smile to my face, and the other made me laugh out loud:

  • I know, I'm easily amused, but when RC did her word-verification-fun on her blog, I had to ask her what my word verification of that day (ovangst) meant. Here's what she came up with:

ovangst : adj. 1 the feeling that may overcome you before an exam at the GYN office. 2. nervous cooking

I think that's hilarious, don't you? I think from now on, I'll look at the word verification differently. :o)



Dave said...

That's not so hilarious! :-0

Walden said...

He's so adult looking! They grow up so quick. He's just trying to continue the line of yarn appreciation!

knottygnome said...

oh nooo! at least your blanket was ok. it's looking very pretty, btw.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Bad Happy! Just when I think my Rocky has his yarn habit kicked and the stash is safe, he tosses a ball to prove me wrong and keep me on my toes

Sharon V said...

Happy is just trying to make sure that you don't accidentally forget he's there.

I bet he thinks he's helping you - what with taking your socks off & cleaning your feet for you, putting your yarn in one spot so you can find it, and he also does the recycling.

He's still the cutest dog in town.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I do think he looks quite guilty! Relieved for you that it was a new ball and not the project. He might have a yarn fetish too!

Thanks for mentioning Mr Puffy and right back at you with your blog bringing much pleasure into my life.

Virginia said...

I'm so glad it wasn't a finished product. Or a WIP.


The blanket looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Those colors in the afghan are just gorgeous -- so warm and cozy!

And I'm glad it is still intact!

Beth J.

Susan said...

Snort #1: naughty Happy and the yarn
Snort #2: the word verification

(Luckily for my keyboard I was only drinking water at the time.)

lexa said...

What a little Bugger!

RC said...

oh I felt a little woozy when I saw the yarn. Paladin has a "yarn/wool" thing and will get into everything if I leave it out. naught puppers.

Anonymous said...

Happy - Is yarn edible? My mom has TONS of it lying around and she doesn't feed me enough dog food (something about a 'diet' and my 'wide butt').

Holy cow - if I can eat yarn, I will live like a queen!


P.S. My word verification is "pasta". I love pasta. Mom doesn't feed it to me very often, though.

Michelle said...

The only guilt that I see is guilt over being caught!

shannon said...

josie is a yarn dog, too. keep projects and yarn hidden away. lost one scarf to her already.

T-Mom said...

I cannot get over how big his ears are. I'm glad he didn't eat your blanket!