Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kermit Sweater!

And we've got a wearable pullover for MOI!

sweater from Kathy

Kathy was going to rip out her wonderful Kermit green pullover, so I asked her if she would let me have it. I've been lusting after it for almost a year now. I liked it from the very first moment I laid my eyes on it. I LOVE this color green. My son calls me Shrek now, I feel like a Granny Smith apple when I'm wearing it, but I don't care! It's squishy, stretchy, it fits, and I can wear it NOW! I didn't have to knit it, and be disappointed, because it does not fit!
The only thing I did was rip back a few rows of the rolling collar. I can't stand it when it's tight (even if for others it would not be tight) around my throat. I love the look of turtle necks, but can't stand to wear them. Now it's just right.

For ravelers: here you can see lots of gorgeous photos of this sweater.

The pattern is called Neck down pullover for women by Diane Soucy, and I like the style.

Kathy has two gorgeous and very funny pups, and takes the most amazing photographs of them. I love to look at them and read about them.

sweater from Kathy

Even Happy and Biko got some mouthwatering treats (since they slobbered all over me to get to them). Happy wanted to take off with the whole bag after he got a whiff of it!

Thanks, Kathy!



2paw said...

Hurray, what a lovely colour, Kermit!!!

Anonymous said...

Was für eine Hammerfarbe - ich liebe sie !

LG Eva

RC said...

That is so awesome! a handknit sweater that fits that you didn't have to knit!
the color is fun and it looks really comfortable

Marissa said...

Love it! I love that color, and funny, my niece just asked for a sweater in the same color. (Must. Finish. Xmas. Knitting. First!)

sanaze said...

Liebes Fröschle!
Ohhhh - I love this colour! and the sweater looks very cosy. Enjoy it!

Virginia said...

That's awesome! The color is fantastic.

I think I need more friends that knit. :)

Javajem said...

That is actually my favorite color! I love it.

Lucky you to have such a generous friend!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

What an amazing gift! Like you I LOVE the color and it looks heavenly to pull on ~ I can see you wearing that with great enjoyment!!!!

BTW, I've decided that maybe Happy is "grooming" you - LOL

Michelle said...

Yay for having a sweater that you didn't have knit! I like the green color though it's not one I could wear. It's hard to get between a dog and his/her treats. :-)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Green is my favourite colour so any shade is good with me. And beside - Kermit rocks!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I knit a sweater just like that.....oh, it's mine! :D

I'm so, so glad you like it. It's too pretty a sweater to have been living in my closet for the last year. I'm so happy you're able to wear it!

Kish and Sadie are happy that your 'kids' like the treats. They weren't happy to see them leave, but are glad they're being appreciated.

tamdoll said...

I love that color green.
(& Thanks for stopping by my blog, too!)

You are lucky you didn't have to knit it all. If I never knit another adult sized sweater, I think I'll be happy - I love them, and love to wear them, just don't have the patience.

Renata S. P. said...

That's so cool!!!
Even Biko and Happy have gifts =D