Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Photos!

One more thing about the Miralda shawl from last post:

After I've read the Yarn Harlot's post about casting on HER Miralda shawl, I was a little worried I would encounter the same problems as she did. That's why I used a stitch marker every 20th stitch I've cast on and to my utter joy I only had to cast on ONCE!


I might have picked up the energizer bunny by mistake!!!

For all of you who'd like to see some more Happy pictures, here's one of my favorites to date. There's a dried leave hanging out of his mouth. He's grown, but the collar is still very loose on the smallest setting.

July 20-24

Here are both ears up! One day they are up, when he gets tired they are down, but that's the way it is. His ears will stay up when he's older. And I've got to get that green dried color off his ear. The thing is, when it gets wet it's all over the place.

July 20-6

Not to forget Biko. Out of solidarity she's got her face green too (or so I'd like to think). She was playing, fetching her tennis ball (she started to play again, as well as swimming), when she made a face plant. I didn't actually see it, I just heard an UMPH sound, and then she appeared like that.

Biko July 14

Some more photos of both of them. You should click on this mosaic and go see them full sized, they are just lovlier that way and not cut off.

Happy July

We still have to work on a better sleeping pattern during the night. I'm quite exhausted from too little sleep. On the other hand I've never had a puppy which likes to cuddle in my arms, held like a baby. When he gets tired he comes to me and wants to be picked up. He fell asleep on my lap several times. Too bad he'll soon be too big for that. He sleeps a lot during the day, but when he's up he's like a little maniac. In the evenings he's so full of energy, I LOVE his puppy runs, he literally bounces of the walls. He can play wonderfully by himself. Biko mostly avoids him, but in the evenings, when he's the wildest, she trys to teach him some manners. Not easy, since he does not give up.

He figured out how to climb the stairs, but then falls off, like a satiated tick. I told you he keeps me on my toes. I don't want him locked up in the kitchen all the time. I want him to learn and explore his new home, and he does. But we are all happy when he's tired and sleeps like an angel. He still uses my Birkenstocks to snuggle up. He has both of them in his crate during the night, and he does not chew them. He relocates them, and draggs them where he wants them, but not chewing. He chews everything else. During the day they are still mine though. No other shoe will do. He goes looking for them when he gets tired. Soooooo cute!



Anonymous said...

what IS that green stuff on his ear? cute as a button either way!

Sharon V said...

He is so cute! It's almost unbelievable that he doesn't chew up your shoes considering he probably still has his 1 million sharp puppy teeth.

See - Biko can be a good second mommy. Go green, Biko!

CelticCastOn said...

I love the picture where he has climbed up to the water dish.
I'm glad Biko is getting to be more like herself again, hhehhe love the green head.
Did you have your birks on when you first went to get Happy?? I'm thinking he might associate then with going home with u.

Renata S. P. said...

They are so cute!!
I love when you post pictures of them!

Anonymous said...

He's just so darn cute! Once he's bigger I'm sure Biko will be able to appreciate him better. I imagine him being full size and still asking to come up on your lap for a snuggle. :-)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

he's way to cute

Strickfimmel said...

Happy ist einfach ein süßer hübscher Kerl. Kann man diesen Augen widerstehen? Das mit dem grünen Ohr kenne ich von unserer älteren Katze.Früher wurde sie auch im Ohr tätowiert. Ich glaube, heute wird das bei uns nicht mehr praktiziert. Luna ist übrigends zur Kennung gechipt.

Walden said...

Adorable. Looks like happy found the perfect family for him.

Frieda said...

That is one sweet little puppy . I love the photo of him watching Biko at the water dish , just waiting his turn , wondering if she'll let him get in there . The one with the leaf is also priceless . Thanks for sharing !

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Such lovely pictures to a one! My favorite to date is Happy sleeping on the cushion. That's just precious.

How cute that he wants to sleep in your arms! I'm jealous :)) That I think is a positive sign that he will like to cuddle as an adult ~ something none of our dogs have ever liked to do.

illusions said...

His antics reminds me so much of my little Vanilla. Vanilla too used to snuggle up and sleep next to me, on me and some times over my face too! And I used to adore the softness... Biko almost looks like Vanilla's mom, Whitey. How I miss not having them anymore! Whitey is with a friend, as we do not pet day cares in India and she gets very depressed without people around her, I had to give her to my friend. A very hard decision for me...It was a mad house with them around but that was indeed the happiest mad house in the world.

Alexandra said...

Oh he's so adorable! I love puppies with their fluffy fur!

Somehow I missed your previous post, your shawl is gorgeous! Your work is always amazing! Congratulations! That's really a work of art!

momsue84 said...

Sorry I haven't commented lately, but darn Bloglines hasn't been keeping me updated. Happy is just the cutest little guy!!! All those pics are just great. And your shawl is stunning! Wow! It's in the 90's here every day. Too hot to knit even if I did have the time. Grrr!

Kris B said...

I love seeing pictures of Happy and Biko. Being an owner of a dog, who was once a puppy and chewed everything at that stage, I find it amazing Happy doesn't chew up your shoe :). His attachment to it is so cute.

I hope you get some rest soon.

Carrie K said...

"Falls off like a tick" LOL! That's a perfect description though. He's so cute!! Biko does look pretty happy herself, if a bit bemused. Love the green stripe of solidarity.

shannon said...

Biko looks like she is smiling again. Happy is such an appropriate name for her new sidekick!

pat said...

Miralda is beyond beautiful - I WILL make it someday - also my favorite pattern in the book!!
AND the Happy photo's are wonderful - he is soooooo cute!

Susi Knitchicks said...

Mir Freude lese ich vom neuen Familienzuwachs. Mensch ist der süß. Die grüne Farbe gabs früher bei uns auch wegen des Tatoos. Eine meiner Katzen hat das auch noch. Heute lässt man sie bei uns chipen. Aber egal, die Farbe geht nur schlecht raus aus dem schönen weissen Fell.

Wünsche Dir alles Liebe.