Friday, July 17, 2009

Handspun Friday - Fallen Leaves

Some time ago I've got this mohair/merino fiber as a gift from Chawne (Thanks again!). I love mohair blends. I try to work with gifted yarns and fiber rather sooner than later, and I needed a little more color, after spinning the dark but beautiful humbug fibers.

4.2oz 70-30 merino-mohair Fallen Leaves by travelingrhinos, a gift from Chawne

I've spun this pre-Happy of course. The day we picked him up, this was hanging to dry.

~ 348yds navajo plied, 4.2oz70-30 merino-mohair Fallen Leaves by travelingrhinos, a gift from Chawne-6

Orange being one of my favorite colors makes this finished skein something soothing to my eyes. I love it.

fiber: 4.2oz 70/30 merino/mohair dyed by travelingrhinos, a gift from Chawne
yarn: navajo plied, ~ 348yds

This goes into my handspun stash for now.

~ 348yds navajo plied, 4.2oz70-30 merino-mohair Fallen Leaves by travelingrhinos, a gift from Chawne-1

Even with Happy around I get to spin for a few minutes a day, which is very good!

Speaking of gifted fiber. Sharon sent me this lovely Falkland fiber. Thank you, Sharon!

gift from Sharon

Wish you all a wonderful weekend!



Alexandra said...

Beautiful yarn! Happy is the cutest puppy ever!!! Have a great weekend!

Nina said...

Wow, gorgeous! All of them. :)

Strickfimmel said...

Was für schöne Herbstfarben!!!
Da kann man richig ein wenig neidisch(zwinker).

Ich wünsche Dir und Deiner Bande ein schönes Wochenende.

illusions said...

You are amazing! You can still manage to spin with Happy around!The orange is so beautiful! Love the mauve palette too! Happy spinning :-)

Renata S. P. said...

Oh God!!!
That's Beautiful!!!!
I love this yellow and brown together. Great Work!

CelticCastOn said...

oooh my thats one yummy skein of handspun. Beautiful colours!!

Dave said...

Those colours are gorgeous, warm and cheerful!

Agnes said...

I LOVE this autumn colourway! So beautiful!

SharonV said...

I love your Fallen Leaves, the colors are wonderful.

It's always amazing to me how hand dyed colors blend, and in your case - beautifully.

Carrie K said...

I love the autumnal colors.

Has Happy learned to be good with the yarn yet?

Juli said...

Wow, sind das schöne warme Farben!!! Indian Summer lässt grüßen. Diesen Kammzug hätte ich auch gern versponnen. Ich bin schon gespannt, was du daraus stricken wirst?

Liebe Grüße Juli, ganz begeistert von den neuen Fotos von Happy und Biko

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Your spinning is always so beautiful! Can't wait to see what you make and also to see the pretty mauve spun up :)

Beverly said...

The yarn is so fall like. It screams to be something for cooler days.

Kris said...

You make some wonderful yarn! I'm not really an orange person but I love the colors of this yarn.

Anonymous said...

That's some very fall looking yarn. I love the pink and gray so I hope you spin it up soon!

Monica aka Gloria Patre said...

The colors are rich and lovely! Well done! :o)