Saturday, July 18, 2009

California Fun!

Happy got a present from Claudia. There was also some wonderful delicious tea for me. Thank you very much!

I've never laughed so hard before, as when I unwrapped the toy rubber duck/chicken for Happy! Everybody loves chicken and duck breast! Look at those huge - anyway .... It's supposed to be Grandma.

gift from Claudia-2

What a funky chew toy! It squacks (it's not squeaking, more like a quack) too, when you squeeze it.

Happy with his new California Grandma Duck-2

Happy with his new California Grandma Duck-1

Happy with his new California Grandma Duck-3

Happy was very interested in it, but thought a little distance could not hurt.

July 18-12

A couple of days later, he had no problem wringing the duck/chicken's neck. When he makes it quack, he barks at it, and shakes it. It's one of his favorite toys right now, together with my seat cushion, the turquoise dog, and a tennis ball.

July 18-14


Kris said...

Oh he is so cute playing with his new quacking, chicken, turkey thing :).

Anonymous said...

That Tea Company bag is very cute. And I love the Grandma Chicken toy! I will Nimitz would play with toys. Happy must be so fun to watch play all day.

CCK said...

What a hoot!!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I love seeing all the fun pictures and to know that Happy and you enjoyed what I sent!

In California the women don't like to acknowledge their age and are known for dressing age inappropriately.....this grandma thinks she looks hip so more power to her!

The Kelly Green Rogue said...

the new puppy is adorable! I've been away for awhile so I had to read a ways to find out about Sam. I'm so sorry for you loss.

Anonymous said...

such cute photos!
thanks for posting!
have a good sunday.

Sharon V said...

Happy is too cute for words!

The California fowl is one hot Grandma. I think with his puppy teeth that she will not last very long.

Angelika said...

Looking at that chick I'd keep my distance too and then would try to silence her. Squieky/quacking toys only last a short while in my house. I'm glad for that.

Robin said...

Pup is SO cute! I love it when they shake their toys!

illusions said...

Happiest dog ever!

Alexandra said...

Very cute!!!

Have a great week!

wolltrunken said...

Ach, ich kann einfach gar nicht genug Bilder von dem kleinen Kerl sehen - Happy makes me happy!

Liebe Grüße

von Birgit

Carrie K said...

I'd probably keep my distance too! How cute!