Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Not the best season for blanket knitting ....

... but what can I do, when there's an immediate need of a non wooly, large blanket?
Cast on!
Stripey acrylic blanket beginnings

Some time ago, last year, or the one before, I bought some acrylic yarn for a crochet blanket. I did some swatches, but it never went further. Good thing, because now I could start right away.

I've got Vanna's Choice in several colors to play with. I'm going to knit stripey strips, and with each one, the blanket will grow. It's supposed to be full sized.
Stripey acrylic blanket-Vanna's Choice yarn

I've put everything else on hold, except my spinning. I'm using 5.5mm needles, and am hoping that it's going to fly off my needles. It's mindless knitting, but I try to still be mindful while knitting it.

For some reason I don't understand, Denny is VERY interested in this "yarn". He leaves my wooly yarn alone, but I've been chasing him away from the baskets several times now. He also drops his squeaky toy into the basket, and looks at me like, it's not his fault he has to stick his nose into it.


monica said...

Hmmm...maybe Denny likes the yarn because it squeaks like his toys? ;-)

Janene said...

Nice, I'm anxious to see it! Will you tell how you're knitting it?

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Love the colours in that basket - and Denny is too crafty for his own good!

Virginia Watson said...

I LOVE all those colors. LOVE.

And yeah, animals are weird about that stuff. Maybe Denny smells the "plastic" in the yarn and thinks that it smells like his toys?

Ashley said...

I don't care for acrylic yarn but if I had to choose a go to acrylic yarn it would definitely be Vanna's choice. Her colors are wonderful in how they coordinate for blankets. I can't wait to see your FO!