Thursday, May 24, 2012


I can't remember if we have ever used the pool in May, except for the dogs of course. This year May 15 was the first day that we humans jumped into the pool, well, not me, but I really wanted to.

Today I could resist the urge no longer and sucked it up, and went in. Holy cow was that cold! I've read somewhere that cold baths are good for you, and with that in mind, I inched slowly further in, only to be sprayed with the hose from behind. So mean! I was out of the pool in seconds, and had turned the hose on my assailant, who barely got the door closed on his cowardly retreat.

Well, I was wet, and cold already, so I took a deep breath and jumped in. Breathtaking!

Then the dogs were let loose. That's Happy.
Happy May 24

And Denny.
Denny May 24

And Maggie! That's right! Last year she didn't go into the pool by herself. She "accidentally" fell in a few times. But this year, she went in (did you here me squeal in delight?), and now we can't get her out! She loves it.
Maggie May 24

I had such a great time with the pups. The hardest part was not to drown. Both Happy and Denny swam after me, a little excited that I was in there too (or at all). Happy wanted to play with me, but Denny wanted him to get away from me. A water fight ensued, and I just got the heck out of there (two steps to the  left). So much splashing. It was wonderful.
Hopefully many more of those days are to come. :o)


CelticCastOn said...

aww so glad Maggie is enjoying it now. 3 happy puppers!
If I were you I'd drag that boy out and throw him in for spraying you!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Looks like fun! Glad Maggie is in now too!

Lindsay said...

I'm so jealous! What a fantastic time! I'd love to go swimming with my boys but I think the only one who would get in would sink like a rock (Victorian Bulldog). The water looks wonderful.

monica said...

YAY!! Maggie was swimming!! That looks like so much fun.

2paw said...

Well done Maggie!! Wha ta great swimmer and I love how they all have their toy 'flotation devices'!!!! You are so popular with those pups.
I think the worst part is when you get to the top of your ribs: it's so cold!!

Tina said...

So the wet-dog-season has started again :-)
I was curious to see if Maggie would go in this year and by scrolling down was really surprised that is was immediately on the opening of the season :-)