Friday, May 18, 2012

Handspun Friday - Old Rose

This was a fun spin. May's colorway of the month from FatCatKnits was Old Rose. I ordered mine on Falkland. So as it wouldn't feel to lonely on the long trip from New York to here, some semi solids jumped into the package too.

FatCatKnits-Old Rose and semi solids on Falkland

I decided to spin it for socks, a true 3ply, with one ply Leaf Eater (green) and 2 plies Old Rose.

FCK Old Rose & Leaf Eater on Falkland-6oz-for 3-ply sock yarn

This is what I've got: a huge skein of 3ply, 654yds.
FCK-Old Rose & Leaf Eater, 3-ply, 654yds-Falkland

FCK-Old Rose & Leaf Eater, 3-ply, 654yds-Falkland

I'm quite happy with it. But I had some left over Old Rose on one bobbin, and an equal amount of Leaf Eater on the other. I also had some left over from another spin on another bobbin, so I decided to make another 3ply with the left overs. The blue ply was spun a little thicker, and I didn't have as much on the bobbin.

FCK-Old  Rose-Leaf Eater-Angelina-3ply-60yds

FCK-Old  Rose-Leaf Eater-Angelina-3ply-60yds

Still some left over of Old Rose and Leaf Eater (I really spun it thin). So I made a 2ply, and chain plied that.
FCK-Old Rose & Leaf Eater, 2ply then chain plied-23yds-2

FCK-Old Rose & Leaf Eater, 2ply then chain plied-23yds

I REALLY liked how this came out.

Now I wondered what the little skeins would look like all knit up, so I knit them up into swatches.

Old Rose swatches

Both are knit with 2.75mm needles, but the right one could have used a larger size needles, but I was too lazy to go upstairs to get some. Still one can see how it looks just fine. I love both of them, but others who saw the swatches on Ravelry liked the blueish one better. Too bad there's not any more of either yarn.

A comparison of the skeins: big one 654yds, blue one 60yds, green one 23yds.

FCK-Old Rose & Leaf Eater, 3-ply, 654yds-Falkland-6 & left over skeins


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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herta said...

Monika, deine Farben und Garne sind immer wieder ein Traum!

wünsche dir ein schönes Wochenende bei uns soll es ja jetzt endlich wärmer werden....zur Zeit hat es nur 3° und das ist doch ziemlich frisch.

Lieber grüße aus dem Mühlviertel

Ashley said...

I have complete yarn envy right now, those are absolutely fabulous!!!!! I can't wait to get my hands on the spinning wheel I have been coveting for months. Those are so beautiful!

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Lovely work as usual!! I look forward to Fridays to see what you re spinning!!

MiA said...

Love them both - but the green one a wee bit more :) Nice outcome with one semisolid thread. Will try it myself.

Pat said...

I already know I'm going to love the Leaf Eater Old Rose socks!

Erica said...

Beautiful! It's amazing how much yarn changes when you swatch it.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

They are all pretty, but Im partial to that blue swatch too!

Beverly said...

I like both of them. I really need to learn to spin.

Michele said...

I'm in love and want to learn to spin now. they are all so beautiful. and the swatches are amazing too.

Sharon V said...

What a high mileage yarn you spun. It's beautiful. Is it soft?

Alexandra said...

Beautiful and very interesting too! I love all the different colors!

2paw said...

Poor wool, we don't want it getting lonely in the post!! It looks so nice knitted up. I could never guess what the original wool would turn into.