Monday, March 05, 2012

Oh wow, what a lovely surprise!

Saturday morning, I had a lovely surprise. When I got up in the morning, I found a package of Long-Jing (Dragon Well) Green Tea on my desk.

tea gifted by friends of my son
Later I found out, that friends of my son, got it for me! This tea tastes delightful! Thank you very much, Melony and Adri!
Speaking of son. After my pretty Eesti Trail Hiking socks (by Nancy Bush), had an accident in the washing machine, and shrunk to child sized socks, he needed another pair to replace them.

David's replacement wool socks

I knit him these: 100% wool, simple, no fuss. (will I never learn?)
David replacement wool socks
They didn't even make it into the washing machine. They felted on his feet. But worst, I did a star toe, and had to add a new ball of yarn on the sole, and it hurt his feet.
Well he begged me for another pair, and this time, I used some superwash wool, and did my ususal toe decreases on the side, and was careful to add the new ball of yarn on the instep, rather than the sole of the socks. Everybody is happy now! :o)

David's red sock almost done

I did not wash/block them, he put them on, right of the needles.

David's red socks done

And here's a photo of Maggie and Denny snuggling.

Maggie & Denny

It lasted only a couple of minutes though. Denny is too much Alpha dog, to enjoy it.



CelticCastOn said...

Oh my word another pair felted!!
I hope he has better luck with the red pair!
awww Maggie and Denny look sooo sweet. I always giggle when Boston decides he's going to clean Molly's ears... the inside of them. He starts to lick and then gets the how growl and curled up lip heheh
Enjoy the tea!

Knatolee said...

Such a sock saga! Glad it all worked out in the end.

hakucho said...

Oh, socks felting on his feet...oh, my...!! I never use 100% wool for my socks, mainly because I don't want them to wear out too quickly. A little bit of nylon make them last I have another reason...they might felt!

Looks like he loves his new red pair...I love it when someone loves and appreciates my knitting...I'm sure you do too :)

Maryse said...

You must love it that your son wants you to knit him socks!

2paw said...

Oh no, they are tiny socks now!! I am glad everyone is happy with the new ones!! It's nice to see some puppy love!!!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

How very thoughtful! I notice in the picture a clay mug ~

Too funny about the "problems" with the replacement socks. I hate it when sock yarn has a break or something requiring a joining. I usually do spit and twist if at all possible!

Nice capture of Denny and Maggie :)

Virginia said...

Hmm. You know, I happen to know a child who has child sized feet, and has been the recipient of many a pair of felted socks (all of which she has loved).

I'm glad that you finally knit your son a pair of socks he likes. And hopefully won't felt.

Stephanie said...

Your son is hard on his socks! Hopefully the new red pair will last for a while.