Sunday, February 26, 2012

Paying it Forward

Jodi has sent me these potholders for my new kitchen as a Pay it Forward.

4 potholders, gift from Jodi

Aren't they cute? I haven't had potholders since the renovations, and I really needed some. These have been used right away, and now are a fixture in my kitchen. Thanks, Jodi!
I also wanted to show you these: Reisenthel baskets. I've had the red one for years now, using it for grocery shopping. Now I've got another one, with lovely floral design, and the tiny one, I'll use as project basket. I need it during the warm times of the year, when I go outside to knit, and often have to get all my stuff inside asap. This basket will be perfect. I love all of them!
Reisenthel baskets

I've cast on a new shawl. Romi Hill released two new shawls last Friday morning. It's two new Muses of the 7smallshawls Year Two ebook. I like them both very much, but I've cast on Polyhymnia's Triangle, with some Wandering Cat Yarn first: It's Twinkle Cat in Marcasite (grey), and Twinkle Cat Gold in Rumpelstilzchen ( I especially like how this one looks knit up).

Wandering Cat Yarns Twinkle Cat

This triangular shawl is nothing like a usual triangular shawl. It's a very interesting knit. I'll knit Calliope's Odyssey probably next. Right now, I've only got two WIP's, which is O.K. (Old Forge blanket, and Polly shawl).

And on a totally different note. I'm hoping that somebody can help me out here in trying to identify this tea for me. I've got it as a gift directly from China. I was under the impression I was drinking Green Tea, but since this loose leaf tea was used up, I've tried different brands of Green Tea and none of them tasted like the tea from this tin.

loose leaf tea from China

loose leaf tea from China

What the heck was I drinking? I really liked it too.



Walden said...

Monika, you are quite welcome and I am so sorry they were late! :) I think making them has me bitten again with the sewing bug though!

A Guyra Girl said...

I think it is an Oolong tea. The beauty of Oolong tea is that you can use the leaves over and over again during the course of the day.

lacyknit said...

I showed my dad the photo (he reads Chinese) and he said the first two characters are "green" and the third one is "spring." Chinese teas taste a little different from other teas. Also, loose leaf can taste different from tea bags.

2paw said...

Oolong tea is very nice. I didn't know you could use the leaves again though. Pretty potholders!!!

Anonymous said...

Romi is a shawl genius! I can't wait to see your progress :)

Anonymous said...

The tea is called "Bi Luo Chun" (in Mandarin). You may have a look at -

The label (broken seal) on the tin - "新茶" means "new tea" ('新' means 'new' and '茶' means 'tea' -

The so-called new tea is picked in the current spring, usually before rainy season (Ching Ming Festival - around April), the first few batches of fresh leaves.

This is also my favourite tea.

Hope you find it interesting!

from a Chinese knitter living overseas :)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Cute pot holders - can't wait to see the finished shawl!

MrPuffy said...

I love all the bright happy colors in this post! I'm glad the tea was IDed and I'm off to read up about this variety ~ BTW love love love the new shawl you are working on :)

Lorraine said...

Monika- I can't help you out with the tea, but green tea does vary (sometimes it tastes fishy).

Love the upcoming shawl projects. Very exciting.

Knatolee said...

Love those baskets!!!

nana-spinnt said...

Hallo Monika,
ich hab so schöne Dinge auf Deinem Blog gesehen, da komm ich bestimmt mal wieder hierher.

Liebe Grüsse aus Deutschland


Virginia said...

If you need help finding this tea, let me know. I live right near one of the biggest Chinatowns in the US. :)

illusions said...

My hubby says it is Oolong tea and the brandis Jade Spring!