Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thank you!

Flowers in memory of Biko from our Vet-2

From the bottom of my heart I thank you all for your kind words, and sympathies. Please forgive me, when I don't respond to each and every comment this time. It's overwhelming, but I wanted to let you know, how much it means to me, and my son David.

Flowers in memory of Biko from our Vet-4

Our Vet sent flowers again, in memory of Biko. For my taste this happens too often, too soon lately. But - it's a nice gesture, and the flowers are pretty. I especially like the pink rose, with the drops of water on it. Biko had a collar in that color.

Flowers in memory of Biko from our Vet-5

I'd like for you to enjoy them too my friends. Biko loved people, she would have cuddled with you, and begged for a scratch and a hug.

I miss her already, because I can see how much of Happy's energy she took off my hands. Now that she's gone, the little bugger doesn't know who to play with, so he's getting material out of the recycling bin again, and shreds things to a million pieces. He brings me toys, and will not be ignored, because if I play deaf and blind, a little muzzle appears by my side, and a chew toy gets pushed onto my desk, just like magic (he thinks). Who can not smile at that?

I'm glad he loves David too, because those two did cuddle last night for a while, before we went to bed. It's good to have him.



Marissa said...

So much sadness. I hope you are well.

momsue84 said...

Still thinking of you, David and Happy with understanding, hugs and support. Yours is one of the first blogs I starting reading in 2006. I have been with you ever since, and Milo and I are with you now.

lexa said...

I can just imagine how much Happy must miss her. Jewel never left me alone at all til we got Maggie. I still play with them, of course, but it's nice to be able to knit and not be attacked in the process!

Michelle said...

You have such a nice vet though I do agree this is happening too often for you lately.

Marianne said...

Biko would never have had to beg for the scratches and hugs, just sayin' :^)

Sharon V said...

Biko was probably covering up all of Happy's crimes, maybe even stopping some of them. She will surely be missed.

Your vet is the nicest person ever, but let's hope you don't get any more flowers for a very long time.

Charlene said...

So sorry to hear of Biko's passing. Life is so precious, and it's wonderful you have so many pictures and good memories of her. Take care.

Wooly Knits n Bits said...

Being a huge dog lover also, I know the grieving will last a long time. Our first Golden used to help in my flower gardens by chasing away any snakes that would hide there. I am always reminded of the void when I set our to work in the gardens.
Hugs to you and David.

2paw said...

Poor Happy, he must really want to play and I love his gentle tactics!! He'll need lots of big energetic runs!! I am glad he makes you smile when you are sad. I am glad you are having some happy memories of Biko and that David is spending some good times with Happy. I think after the initial shock it takes a few days to believe it is really true. I am feeling that.
Big pats to Happy and hugs to you and wiggly waggly tails from Peri and Gilly

Anonymous said...

oh, my dear Monika,
so very sorry to hear about your loss.
another one so soon!
sending best wishes and sympathy to you and David!

Anonymous said...

I think of you and your family often and hope that you are slowly finding your way in the world without Biko.

Tine said...

Dear Monika,
ich fühle mit Euch. Auch wenn es „nur“ ein Tier ist, so ist es doch ein Familienmitglied das man verliert. Wir haben diesen Schmerz auch schon mehrmals erfahren. Ich denke schon mit grausen an den Tag, an dem wir unseren Gustav (Gott sei Dank ist er erst 2 Jahre alt) verlieren werden. Happy wird Dir über vieles hinweghelfen und Deinen Schmerz lindern.
Wissend dass Zeit die Wunden heilt, bleiben doch Narben zurück.

Alles Liebe für Euch

Virginia said...

Beautiful flowers...

Seems like Happy might be showing some of his grief too.

Lots of love to you all.

hannah said...

Dear Monika and David too of course, I haven't been online for a while so I just read about Biko. I am so sorry, I just don't know what to say...
I wish you a lot of love and all the best. Hope Happy can make you happy!