Friday, November 06, 2009

Happy's first snow!

Well there he is, real time Happy as he looks today! And I've not even caught up with my blogging yet, but last night we had our first snow, after a very weird day of sunshine, scary cloud formations, snowball shower the size of peas, wind, and a drizzle of rain. After dark before bedtime I went outside and to my joy and amazement, we had some snow!

You should have seen Happy's face! He didn't want to step on it, he sniffed, and looked at me, gingerly took a few steps, looked at me, licked the snow, and so we went all around the pool, until he finally took his pee. This morning though, it was business as usual, even if the stepping board was a little slippery.

Nov. 6-Happy's first snow-1
Throw the frisbee, throw it, throw it ....

Nov. 6-Happy's first snow-8
a lot of sniffing and snorting (by the way, this was early morning, while Biko was still in dreamland)

Nov. 6-Happy's first snow-7
Did you hear that?

Nov. 6-Happy's first snow-10
I'm sure there's a big, old bear in the bushes! (it was just a falling leave)

Happy's frozen paw print Nov. 6
From last night, a frozen paw print.

We have a bit of a problem with this teenage fellow right now. He does not want to come inside, when we are finished playing. No trick or sausage makes him come close enough for me to grab him. He just knows all I want is for him to come inside, and it's so much more fun outside!
I tried leaving a leash on him, but the first one was too short, he learned quickly how close he could let me come before I had him. I tried a very long leash, and he promptly ran a figure eight around 2 trees and got tangled up real good. By the way, I put the harness on him, and on that the leash, so he wouldn't break his neck. With the long leash I was just untangling him all the time, so that was not the solution.
At the end I left him outside by himself, with the door open, and I could watch him through the window. He had a grand time, periodically looking at the door, and the first time he came inside after about 20 minutes. The next time it was about 10 minutes (totally covered in mud, I had to give him a bubble bath), and today he came after 5 mintues. Progress! Anyway, with temps tropping, I don't like to leave the door open too long. I sure hope he gets over this phase soon! Any other suggestions?



momsue84 said...

No suggestions, really, other than the fact that Happy is smart as a whip and has his people all figured out. Isn't that why we love them so much? That and the snuggling, too.

Anonymous said...

Love that frozen paw print!

Kris said...

Love that pawprint!

Renata S. P. said...

Happy seems very happy with the snow for me.
I loved the picture of the paw print!

CelticCastOn said...

ahhh yes the old I don't wanna come in. That's Boston too but he usually doesn't like it when I close the door on him. He'll come running back to it after I have asked him to come in and went in without him.
Cute pics, love that paw print.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Lovely photos of Happy and his first snow! My he's grown since we've seen him last.

I'm no dog trainer. But, when Mr Puffy is "off leash" and won't come I simply say to him "Does mommy have to put the leash on you?" "This will be embarrassing for both of us" A couple of steps toward him with the leash held aloft and all of a sudden he's obedient again.

Jessica said...

snow! may big white pain in the behind required the same treatment when she hit adolescence... I started training her by saying "time to go inside' and then walking inside and talking really happily to the cat (and leaving the door open) when she'd come inside, I'd make it a big deal and play with her toy for a few minutes... after a week or so she stopped thinking that going inside was the end of playtime.

Carrie K said...

I love that paw print!

Aw, Happy. My cat doesn't like to come in either but she's bowing to the inevitable that once it gets dark, she has to. OTOH, I can pick her up. ;)

2paw said...

Happy has grown so big and so handsome!! I can see he loves his frisbee!!!Too clever for words, is Happy. I reckon if you ignore him enough he'll be inside like a shot. I know that is the Very Worst Consequence at our house- being ignored!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nimitz doesn't really like to come back to me when we're in the yard either even though I know he knows the command to come back to me. He gets too busy sniffing and eating grass. I like the idea of making sure it's fun for Happy to come back and go inside and not just the end of play time. It does sound like he's just going to start coming back on his own as he realizes it's not as fun without you around.

Sharon V said...

Happy has it made in the shade! No advice on how to get him to see things your way, but until then, enjoy him!

Tina said...

wow, snow! The pawprint picture is great. Happy got really big.
I would also suggest closing the door or/and letting him hear that you are having great fun inside. Coming in is fun, too! Flavie likes to stay outside, too (eating raspberries), but she comes like a flash when I cloes the door or when I cuddle Dingo - jealousy is a good reason to come back!

illusions said...

Teenagers never like to be told what to do :-)Although I might not get enough time to leave comments but have surely been reading all your escapades. The chick magnets are awesome as well!Do post some men's vest ideas please. Would like to knit one for my nephew who joined dentistry course this year.Cheers!

Moorecat said...

I used to have a cat with the same attitude, so
I would go outside and ignore her, looking intently at one plant or another.

Fliss never lasted more than a minute or two before she was under my nose looking for attention ;)

You could always try leaving him outside with the door closed for five minutes, long enough for him to realise that being with you is not only more fun, but warmer...

Susan said...

You really have to keep one step ahead of this boy, don't you? Smart little turkey.

I'm thinking that the best reward for Happy is being outside so make that the treat for coming inside. Counter-intuitive, I know, but I think it might work. Put him on a short lead and take him outside. Make it a game that when he steps into the house, you make a huge fuss and let him out again for a little more play time. If you do this often enough, he'll start going inside right away on his own. Once he's got the idea, you can start stretching the time in the house before he goes back outside. Mix it up with short in-house periods and longer ones. Also try to find something, a toy or treat, that he only gets when he comes into the house. If he likes to tug, a braided rope for a quick game of tug is a good reward. I'd be tempted to skip the off-leash fun until you've got him coming in when on-leash. It will work faster that way.

hannah said...

Hello Monika, There you are again! I didn't pay much attention so I missed the first few posts.

I am very pleased to read about your knitting and dogs again. It is funny to read about Happy. Ysja behaved just like that and the only suggestion I can give you is: be patience! With a lot of training and playing they get more and more focused on you (but you already know this right?!). All my efforts with Ysja are finally starting to pay of and she is 14 months old now.