Monday, February 11, 2013

sock blank socks # 1

I'm not sure I've shown you these socks. I've put them on Ravelry ages ago. A long time ago I bought five sock blanks, but never got around to dyeing them. Then I sent them to Ginny of FatCatKnits and asked her to do it for me. Those are not colorways she has in her program, just something she did before she carried sock blanks in her shop. Slowly I've been knitting them up, one by one into fun pairs of sock. Only one more to go. But for today here's pair # 1.

The sock blank:
merino sock blanks dyed by Ginny of FatCatKnits

That's how the sock blank looked wound into a cake:
FCK dyed sock blank yarn

And the socks. I really love how they turned out. My sock blanks were single strand, so I think Ginny did a great job in dyeing the blank to get fairly matching socks.

FCK dyed, sock blank socks # 1

FCK dyed, sock blank socks # 1

FCK dyed, sock blank socks # 1

And I wanted to show you a reason why Denny loves snow. He's a big digger, and hides things all the time. Snow is just so easy to bury things in, but he has no trouble using mud, dirt, leaves, blankets, anything he can nudge around with his nose, to bury toys, bones, or other things he holds dear. The videos are only a few seconds long.

Here he's doing a half assed job in burying a bone, he was distracted by our neighbor shoveling snow of the porch, so he was in a hurry.

Once I wanted to see what he would do, when I buried a bone in front of him. I dug a little hole with my shoe in the snow, and pushed a bone into it, then put some snow on it, and stepped on it, so you could not see the  bone anymore. He watched closely, when I was done, he went there, sniffed around, looked at me, and went on his way, tail high. I must have done a good job, or he would have dug it out again, and hid it somewhere else.  Hehe.


Here he's hiding a pin. I had already put away my camera, when I saw him hiding the pin. He was halfway done by the time I got it out, and turned on. He was more careful with it, then with the bone. After he was finished he checked if the neighbor saw him doing it. But I think he thought no one saw him, because he didn't go back to get it, to bury it somewhere else, which he does, if he catches me watching him, or anybody else for that matter.


nana-spinnt said...

die Socken sehen ja phantastisch aus!

Liebe Grüsse

Zenitude said...

I'm in love with those socks, the colours are great!

Catherine said...

your socks are absolutely lovely. I had never heard of sock blanks before - is that how you get the self striping look?

Doesn't Denny mind getting a cold nose?

Jen said...

Wow, I really have never seen the dyed 'blanks' knit up... they are definitely different, and very cool. I sure had a good giggle with your vids of your dog. :)

Amy said...

That Denny boy is a mess.Sooooo sweet.

Cassy said...

Love those colors! Gorgeous.

Bea said...

Das ist wirklich fantastisch gefärbt, dass du zwei sich so ähnliche Socken herausbekommen hast.
Ich hab die Sockblankfärbungen aufgegeben.
Bei mir färbt das meistens nicht so richtig durch und wird dann gesprenkelt.

Liebe Grüße, die Bea

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Those socks are gorgeous - makes me want to go play with the dye!

Ayako T said...

Hi first timer to comment! I have been admiring your FOs for a little while (since I joined TTL group) and just have to ask you how you could possibly knit socks so neatly and beautifully!

Love the colour of these pair ;)

lexa said...

Too cute! Jewel is a big digger, I can't let her take stuff outside unless there is a foot or more of snow cuz she ruins the yard. Maggie is quite the little digger, too!

Love the socks!

Monica said...

The colors are stunning! Great, cool socks...worth every minute of the wait!

2paw said...

Denny has some good nose action going on there. The Labradors bury like that too and snow makes it so easy. He looks so alert!! Vundy the German Shepherd always dug up her bones if anyone saw her burying them. As if I would want her smelly treat!!
Gorgeous socks, it warms the cockles of my matching socks heart!!!

Anonymous said...

I love those socks. To bad the yarn is one of a kind.