Friday, July 07, 2006

One thing's for sure!

If you try to finish a knitted blanket it's not a good idea to start a pair of socks or anything else for that matter unless you are Lord Vishnu and have four hands. But I couldn't help myself. I'm at the border of my "Curve of Pursuit" blanket and the endless miles of garter stitch makes me almost comatose. Really, I have trouble staying awake, my eyes fall shut. So, I've started a new adventure. I'm on a mission. I'm looking to find the perfect toe-up sock. I've knitted 2 paires of toe-up socks so far with the help of Wendy's directions (short rowing) you can find her instructions at It was fine to get to know this technic but I wanted a better heel version and even the cast on of the toes could be better.

So, thanks to the internet (damn it, hail it) I found the Magic cast-on for toe-up socks by Judy Becker also at I've started twice. The first attempt was too wide even for the men's size 12 1/2 I'm knitting. The second time was fast and I liked it. The yarn I use is not real sock yarn, but I think it's blend will work (cotton/acrylic/wool) It makes you work every stitch (no slip slyding along the needles). I like the pattern which emerged. The next thing I wanted to change was the short row heel or Boomerang heel. I found it at the sock knitters website, with the help of a well meaning friend. It's Denise's Toe-up socks and the instructions are great. This is the result and my very first Reverse Dutch-Heel I made with real heel stitches no less.

I'm at the leg now thinking ahead how to cast off the thing. My two previous pairs where a bit tight and not stretchy at all. So I will try Elizabeth Zimmermann's sewn cast off this time.

Of course I took notes so that the second one will be the same. Especially around the gusset I made. The next time I have to start for that a little earlier but I think it will be enough for the foot I'm making these socks for. I've also increased four stitches in the back of the leg, all new to me. I've never put so much thought into a sock. It's a sock hidden in a shoe most of the time! - but I do want it to fit well.

Since he's so cute one last pic of Sam and the snow shovel, no longer in his possession, since he's "killed" it off. We'll see what his next target will be.


Areli said...

It's interesting reading about the different techniques you are using for your socks. I am sure they will be very well fitting and comfortable when done.

Carrie K said...

Sam conquered the dreaded Snow Shovel monster! Go Sam!

I know what you mean about the garter stitch. I finished a log cabin critter blanket and started working on an abandoned cable scarf.

The socks look great. I've got Denise's Toe Up instructions but I haven't tried them yet.