Wednesday, July 05, 2006

One Skein Secret Pal Exchange is here!

My secret pal blew me away with her wonderful yarns. I'm still breathless because I have NEVER touched Angora wool before and let me tell you it's unbelievable soft! The other yarn is sensational as well. My secret pal handspun this Black Baby Alpaca herself!!! And you know what else - she recently moved and had a lot on her plate and still, here it is.


I've started a pair of socks today. And NO - the "Curve of Pursuit" Blanket is not quite done yet, but almost. (Pictures of it within the week) But I wanted to learn something new. So I've made the Magic cast-on for toe-up socks by Judy Becker (can be found at I like it a lot better than Wendy's toe-up cast on because there are no ridges to be seen. Anyway it's tough going knitting the first row, but after that it's great. I'm using 3.25mm needles for Sirdar Denim Tweed DK, 60% acrylic, 25% cotton and 15% wool. Have never used this yarn for socks before but since I had it in my stash and the socks will be size 11, I needed a heavier yarn. It'll do, I think. More on it later, as soon as there will be actually something to see. :o)

And once again my Sam with his favorite toy, the snow shovel. He brought it inside twice so far and of course I had to take it away. But he's so cute running around with it.


Chrissy said...

That yarn looks so luscious! I can't stop laughing at the dog with the shovel in his mouth! Hilarious!

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

Cute pic of the dog and shovel....sounds like a good idea for animal planet!!

Nicole said...

I petted an angora scarf for the first time a few months ago - it felt like petting a cloud. I loved it. I'm sure what you make from this will be absolutely stunning.

Carrie K said...

Sam's favorite toy is a snow shovel? That is cute.

Handspun Black Baby Alpaca? while she was moving? That is one fabulous Secret Pal.

Can't wait to see the progress on Curves of Pursuit. You know, I've been to that site (wooleythoughts) and never particularly saw that pattern before.

Abigale said...

Mmmm bunny fluff - I love angora. I've spun some up from and it's slippery, but just delicious!

Do you know I've never done toe up socks? I guess I kind of got stuck with the top down kind on dpn's. I don't have to think about them, they just get made.

You puppy is so cute with the snow shovel - too bad you can't put him to use with it when you actually need to!

Have fun!


Maria said...

Hallo Monika,
da hast Du aber tolle Wolle bekommen, Angora und Alpaka was ganz Edles. Ich habe schon festgestellt, bei Dir lerne ich wieder Englisch. Die Socken beginnst Du auf eine neue Strickart von der Spitze an? Ich habe das auch schon mal probiert, es hat bis auf das Abketten am Schaft alles geklappt. Nur dieses Abketten war entweder zu eng, zu weit oder sah nicht schön aus und so stricke ich halt am Schaft beginnend. Der Birch ist schon groß geworden, meine Schwägerin bekommt ihn zum Geburtstag und sie ist stattlich.
Das Hundebild mit der Schneeschaufel ist zu goldig, wartet Dein Hund etwa auf Schnee?
Ein schönes Wochenende und ganz viele Grüße - Maria

Maria said...

Hallo Monika,
vielen Dank für Deine Mail. Nach dem Tuch habe ich das 3. Paar Nikolaussocken angeschlagen, für meine Älteste mit kleinen Füßen in Gr. 36. Sie werden ganz einfach ohne Muster, zum Stricken neben der Tour de France im Fernsehen. Einen weiteren Brunching out habe ich auch angefangen, diesmal aus Sockenwolle mit 3er Nadeln. Da habe ich auch erst den 1. Mustersatz. Bin schon gespannt, wie Dein Versuch mit dem neuen Abketten klappt?
Bis zum nächsten Mal viele Grüße