Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Stucco project part I

Some time this year I've traded one set of hand carders for some fiber. One of the braids was this: Fiber Optic Yarns-80% Merino/20% Silk-4oz- Reef Gradient Arbitrary SAL (traded with Dave). It's colors are really electrifying. I do love color, that's obvious, but this one I wanted to tone down a little. And I wanted to hand card something.

Fiber Optic Yarns-80Merino20Silk-4oz- Reef Gradient Arbitrary SAL-trade with Dave-2x

I rummaged through my boxes of fiber, and found some Black Shetland: more like a dark brown.

Black Shetland

Fiber Optic-Reef Gradient-Merino-Silk-4oz

Then I ripped the braid into chunks of all the different colors, and added the Black Shetland, hand carded them. Here's an example of the purple already done.
Black Shetland-Merino-Silk-before carding with carded rollags
This is what I've got. ~ 486yds worsted weight yarn, spun semi-woolen.

Black Shetland-Merino-Silk-hand carded-486yds-chain plied-worsted weight

Black Shetland-Merino-Silk-hand carded-486yds-chain plied-worsted weight

Here's the yarn all caked up.
Black Shetland-Merino-Silk-486yds-worsted weight

I didn't have a pattern in mind when I was started this project, but I knew that I wanted to knit a shawl with it. I also thought that it would not be enough to make a decent sized shawl, so I spun up the rest of the Black Sheltand for the border, for whatever I would do with it.

Black Shetland-chain plied-2.5oz-186yds

I love the look of undyed, spun fiber. I had 2.5oz left over and it yielded ~ 186yds.

Stucco part II coming on Friday!


momsue84 said...

Gorgeous! Can't wait to see what pattern you choose.

herta said...

Monika, ich bewundere immer wieder deine schönen Farben und Garne.

Liebe Grüße aus Freistadt


Susan said...

You made it much more beautiful!

Michele said...

You are genious. I love that.

adriene said...

That is SO smart! I'm going to pass this on to a friend of mine who has a drum carder.

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

Wow. You are the Spinning Queen.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I snuck a peek of it on Ravelry! It looks awesome!

Sharon V said...

Holy smoke! I never would have thought the black was a good choice, but it turned out beautifully! The bonus is having some black left over for a border. You've got a great eye for color.

Maria said...

That it really clever!

Dandy said...

The yarn turned out amazing

Bea said...

Das ist wirklich gigantisch schön geworden.

Bitte fang bald mit dem Schal oder Tuch an, ich bin sehr gespannt darauf.

Grüßle, die Bea

2paw said...

Oh, I love the ball of wool all wound up, it looks beautiful and how clever to spin in the dark brown, it's perfect!!

Walden said...

Very nifty! The colors came out well, not too dark and still a little bright.