Friday, October 12, 2012

Handspun Friday - Batt Pack

After I've got my hand carders, I wanted to do some carding, so I ordered a Batt Pack from FatCatKnits Etsy store. It looked like a lot of fun. There were different fibers, 3oz-Falkland, BFL,Angelina, silk noils, Corriedale fleece, and black Merino.

FCK-carding package - batt pack-3oz-Falkland, BFL,Angelina, silk noils, Corriedale fleece, black Merino

I loaded my carder like this:

FCK Batt Pack-1

And  made Rolags:

 FCK Batt Pack-2

I spun them into singles, and plied it with some orange lace weight yarn I had.
FatCatKnits Batt Pack-2-ply-414yds

The pictures are a bit washed out from too much sunshine. It should be interesting to see how this knits up.
FatCatKnits Batt Pack-2-ply-414yds

I've got 414yds of it. What to do with it though?
I kind of regret plying it with lace yarn. I just wanted to get more yardage out of it, and if I had chain plied it, who knows what I could have done with that, but now I wish I had chain plied it. Oh well.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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nana-spinnt said...

wunderschöne Batt's...
und das Garn, echt KLASSE!

LG Heike

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! gosh, what a talent you have.

Knatolee said...

I love the photo of the fibre on the carder. It looks like an impressionist painting. Beautiful colours!

monica said...

It's gorgeous as it is! But maybe you can order another Batt Pack and chain ply that one. :)

cabbage rose said...

I actually love it plied with the orange! I can't wait to see what it looks like knit up!

Sharon V said...

Your new yarn is so pretty! B that sure was a lot Iof carding, but looking at the yarn, it was worth it.

Susan said...

You do realize that you're only one step away from processing your own fleece, right? LOL

Mr. Puffy said...

It's absolutely gorgeous! What a fun box of fiber to receive ~ I always find that a special yarn like this works best with a simple pattern. Maybe Boneyard or the age of brass and steam kerchief?

Wanderingcatstudio said...


Virginia Watson said...

Inspired by you and your gorgeous handspun, I now have a spinning wheel (Louet Victoria) and some more fibers, and I am going to spin! I'm SO EXCITED. I promise not to tell my husband that it was you that inspired the spinning project. :)

Anyway, your yarn is so beautiful. SO SO gorgeous. What about a hat and neckwarmer with it?

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful wool, love the colourcombination ;-)