Sunday, October 21, 2012

Music Heaven

Another guilty pleasure of mine is listening to music. Sure, I listen to music all the time, while knitting, and spinning, but it's background noise, more than anything else.

It's something quite different, when I put my head phones on! I really don't like to be idle, twiddling my thumbs, but this is a time, I only want to listen to music. Closing my eyes, and leaning back, letting the music flow through my body from head to toes.

music heaven

I'm not a musician myself, even though as a child, I learned to play the piano for seven years. I didn't want to (I feared  my first piano teacher, she was Hungarian, and a drill Sergent), my parents made me, but I'm glad they did. I did enjoy playing eventually (if not well, and I had zero ambition to get any better), but loathed recitals.
Many years later, when my kids had the opportunity to learn an instrument (they at least got to choose the instrument they wanted to play), I fully understood, when they didn't like recitals either. But their music teacher told me,  that a musician wants to play for an audience, which sounds about right. Well, I'm not a musician, but I LOVE music.

Oh, yeah, why this post? Because those are new head phones, and they rock!

♥ ♥ ♥


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Dave - who is a musician - would approve of those headphones!
I've tried to play several instruments - and played them all very badly - but I still love music - probably one of the reasons I love being with Dave so much!

Brigi said...

I am Hungarian (and US citizen living in the USA now), and regrettably I was not living in Hungary the first 4 years of elementary school, so I missed out on the Kodaly method. did you learn though this method? sorry about your stern teacher.

Linda said...

So, what sort of headphones are they? Wireless?

2paw said...

We had to learn guitar and recorder at school and my parents bought a piano so I had lessons too. But I loved singing in the choir best of all. I am so glad you love your new headphones!!