Monday, June 21, 2010

Daenerys shawl

This shawl has been finished since last week. I forgot that it was blocking in the upstairs "Office" room, the only place right now, where I can block on the floor, with nobody running around.
Lola is modeling it, thank you very much. She followed me around into the kitchen:

Daenerys shawl-1

out on our new deck:
Daenerys shawl-5

Daenerys shawl-7

because it was so nice out, we stayed longer and watched the pups playing:
Daenerys shawl-9

well, I watched them anyway (the pups watched the neighbors having dinner outside, how rude they are staring like that) . Then back inside, in my office room, or what's left of it:
Daenerys shawl-10

pattern: Daenerys by Valerie Johnson (I've got it from her as a gift - thank you)
yarn: Wandering Cat Yarns - Alley Cat sock, merino/nylon, 1 skein = 400yds. I had maybe 2 yds left over. colorway: LE Georges Dragon (how fitting). I love this colorway and would have loved to knit socks with it as well.
needle: 3.75mm
size after blocking: 24" x 27" - it's a small one, but perfect for wearing it as a scarf around the neck
start-finish: June 11-15
modifications: no mods, except that I made it smaller due to less yardage.


On the reno front: We are having a break from it until the middle of August, when the floor and kitchen guys will (hopefully) show up and start ripping our house apart. Until then we can continue to clear out the house, but at a slower pace, and enjoy the first part of the summer, albeit in an almost empty house. We have to get our walk out basement ready for us to live in for a couple of month until they are done doing the upstairs thing. I guess this will be the hardest part of it all.

I've already picked out the tiles for the kitchen floor, the hall, powder room and laundry room, they all get the same tiles. The rest of the house will be wood floors, and we'll go see what's available some time this week. I am having a hard time finding tiles for the back splash, still looking for the perfect ones. Whey do people use so much beige in their homes??? I'm not afraid of colors, and beige got to be the ONE color I can't stand. Anyway, we'll keep looking, and you'll get to see the end product some day too. :o)

It was kind of fun picking the wood, the style of the kitchen cabinets, the handles, the finish , the faucet and what not. Didn't think there were so many decisions to be made! Good thing I know what I want.
The kitchen guy told us, that it would take a long time finding the tiles I wanted, since they are not in style right now. We went to look last Thursday for the first time, and bingo! I found what I wanted at the first location, at the first try. When we called him, he couldn't believe it, he was prepared to drive around for and with us to find the right ones! Hehe, glad we didn't have to.

For now we have to water our backyard, since there are new trees, new bushes, and rolled out lawn, as well as sown over bare spots, and the two of us water for an hour in the mornings and in the evenings to keep everything from getting brown. (while doing this I'm singing "I'm a sprinkler, I'm a sprinkler" in my head) After the pool is opened tomorrow, I'm hoping to get some really nice photos to show you all! Very exciting!



Virginia said...

I love the photo of Lola and the shawl in your kitchen. That is just beautiful. The yellows are amazing.

The pups look happy on the deck.

Can't wait to see more photos! I'm glad you've got a little break from the reno.

2paw said...

The neighbours must have been eating something very nice!! Your shawl is, as always, beautiful!! As is the new deck. I am not afraid of colour either, I have a teal green loungeroom with aqua on the fireplace and ceiling!!!But I chose the colours from my Star Wars picture that hangs on the wall!!!

momsue84 said...

Another beautiful shawl, Monika! Cannot wait to see pics of the new landscaping and the reno as it progresses. What a major project, but so worth it in the end.

knottygnome said...

beautiful shawl! love the color.

shannon said...

it is quite exciting! the deck looks magnificent!

what a lovely shawl...i'm working on my first lace scarf ever. it's a hard pattern, too. fernfrost i hope it turns out even a fourth as good as your lovely knitted lace!!

Toby said...

What a beautiful shawl and that yarn - it looks gorgeous in any light with any backdrop.

I have too much beige in my house for 2 reasons: being concerned about re-sale (which seems really silly to me, why should we have less joy or fun or whatever and be limited?) and fighting with my husband who would prefer pure white everywhere.

Ines M. said...

Hallo Monika,Du machst wirklich sehr schöne Sachen,das Tuch gefällt mir sehr gut.Liebe Grüße
aus dem Nachbarland Deiner Heimat:-))

Sheepurls said...

Oh, ist das Tuch aber schön geworden. Besonders die Aufnahme vor dem gelben Hintergrund gefällt mir ausgesprochen gut.
Herzliche Grüße,

Kathy... said...

Lovely shawn, and what a fine model! I envy you the redo - but not the mess. My kitchen needs a facelift. Perhaps some day.....

Laurie said...

Lovely shawl, and adorable pups. White shepherds are so beautiful...

Linda said...

Thats a lovely shawl, colour and pattern. It looks as light as a feaather!

Ann said...

Beautiful colors of wall and floor, beautiful deck and beautiful shawl!
It must fill you with beauty inside ;-)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

The shawl turned out beautifully! I'm going to try adn recreate that colour when I dye some more Alley Cat- fingers crossed that I can.

I totally agreen with you on the beige - drives me nuts - that and white - Dave would like tot paint everything white! I need colour! I really want to paint my living room (it's beige) a nice soft turquoise.

Rhonda said...

Love the look of the deck already. Can't wait to see it all. You guys are going to make me make that shawl, aren't ya.

Anonymous said...

I am doing some blog hopping this evening looking for fun knitting blogs. I landed on yours and the post about this gorgeous shawl. Incredible!!!

Michelle said...

Are you going to go crazy waiting for the next phase or enjoy a little quiet? Today we had neighbors working on their roof and Nimitz had to alert me to the presence of strangers in the neighbors. Everything must be exactly right in their worlds!

Susan said...

Beautiful shawl and deck!!

Too bad I can't send you some of the rain that we've had lately to help water your back yard. There is flooding everywhere and it just doesn't want to stop storming.

Walden said...


Hope you are able to truly enjoy some of the summer between projects going on.

La Cabeza Grande said...

Oh my! What a beautiful shawl Lola's wearing. Love the deck, too.

I wish I had your talent and patience, Monika. Well done!

RC said...

LOVE the shawl and colorway! you do such beautiful work