Tuesday, March 06, 2007

No sleep for me tonight!

It's actually 4:42AM right now, but I've been up since 1:30AM. The thing is, it's very, very cold outside. I have no idea how cold, but our walls make panging noises, like somebody puts a hammer to it. Weird and scary, so scary that Sam is flipping out. He was always afraid of loud noises, like fire works (or my blowing the bubble gum, as I discovered recently). It's his THING. But this is annoying. He runs around, rings the bell on the door, opens all the doors to everybody, he tried to jump into my bed (no sir), and as soon as I've calmed him down, there's that panging noise again, and off he goes again.
Tomorrow (today actually) is a busy day for all of us, of course it is. Sigh. Biko has to go in to the Vet's office for x-rays. She's limping and it's getting worse. The Vet couldn't find anything last Saturday. When she's excited she doesn't limp at all, but in a normal situation, she would get out of her bed, limp downstairs and limp throughout the day. So, hopefully the x-rays will tell us more.
My husband will be off to Europe again, but has to see the doctor one more time, before it's time to go to the airport and so on.
Funny thing though, since I've decided to stay up, not one pang coming from the walls. Everybody and their neighbors are sleeping, but me.
So I thought I'll show you something. I had to move my stash a few weeks ago (was it that long already?), while rooting through my closet I found this cardigan I made over 10 years ago (more like 15 years ago come to think of it). I totally forgot that I had it. My closet must be deep, you say. Well, there are corners I seldom go into. Just thought you would like to know, that I can knit garments if I want to. ;o)

Next up is my cotton bag, shown here by Hannah. I told you it's going to be big! And stretchy!

There are about 500g yarn in it, so that it's not just hanging there, limp like. I made the strap wider, so it can sit comfortable on your shoulder. Hannah thinks, it's great to use for over night stays. I think, if you put heavy things in it. like ten pounds of bananas, it will reach the floor. ;o)
This was quite fun to do. I started out, wanting it to be a rectangle bottom bag, ripped it (too small). The second try was a crochet round bottom, it just was not round, but very wavy. Rip it! The third time was the charm (as usual); the bottom along took one ball of the yarn. I've used 7 balls from the eight I had.

After I was satisfied with the bottom, I just started knitting, revising all the way to the top, in my head. Knit, knit, knit and suddenly I was done. As I said, it was fun.

yarn used: Gerifil Filati Fantasia Spaghetti, 7x50g (~ 90yds, it doesn't say if it's meter or yds), 75% cotton 25% polyamid. crochet bottom with 5mm hook, knitted with 5.5mm needles.

So, this is what everybody else is doing right now. Look at Sam's lip! He's snoring too! ;o) Biko sleeps like a lady, the right use of the pillow and all. Notice her ear? She's still with me.

Now, what else can I do early in the morning? My fingers still hurt from the sock knitting, I did late last night. That's going to be another story. I can tell you that much, it ain't pretty! ;o)


Sue J. said...

Hugs and good thoughts for Biko. Wolfie sleeps the same way as your babies do. Aren't they so dear! The bag turned out great.

Pat said...

Well - good morning....though it must seem like afternoon to you by now!!! I love the bright sweater - isn't it fun to find old forgotten projects? Are those little Mexican guys in Sombreros???
and the bag is great....now that could hold a giant knitting project ......

Kathy said...

"He runs around, rings the bell on the door,"

I have bells hanging on my door, too!

I love the pics of the sleeping beauties. I hope all went well with Biko at the vet today

hakucho said...

Sorry you had such a difficult night :(
We have the cold and wind here now too...the sounds are scarry when our gutters vibrate from the wind!

Your sweater is beautiful. Very cheerful and bright and your bag reminds me of a very sylish duffle bag. I like your handle constuction, very nice :)

happy knitting :)

hexli said...

Lach...wozu schlaflose Nächte doch gut sind. Aber was stöberst Du auch nächtliecherweise in Deinem Kleiderschrank rum? Wie man sieht:Es hat sich gelohnt! Die Jacke ist wirklich viel zu schade, um in den Tiefen des Schrankes zu verschwinden. LG hexli

Violiknit said...

I like that peruvian-esque cardigan; very colorful and pretty. That bag is fantastic; it looks great and I'll bet it works great too. Sorry about the night noise, and hope Biko is okay.