Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Thank you!

Biko is happy with her new chew toy!

Thank you all for your thoughts and advise on my "Biko" problem. Biko is only 5 1/2 years old.

Tracy described Biko's condition perfectly, and I'm going to talk to our Vet about it. It has been going on for some time now, and gotten worse, that's why we went to see the Vet.

Even though we might not be able to do something about it, I'm glad, when at least we can understand what's going on.

Thanks again, I think it's incredible that one can ask and will receive help in this blogger land community! ;o)


Biko is hogging both new chew toys, Sam yawns, as if he would give a damn. She's the boss man. (His favorite is the white plush animal. As soon as he gets to it, he'll hide it!)


momsue84 said...

So glad you have the answer for Biko. At least now you can discuss this with the vet and decide on a course of action. Wolfie is the same age, so I will watch for this condition. But then I tend to be an over protective puppy mommy. Good thoughts for Biko!

shannon said...

I hope your beautiful girl starts feeling better soon! How wonderful is the internet? It's a thing of beauty at times. LOL

My crew (two cats and a dog) send their support and love.

Knitted Zebra said...

Hugs to Biko and Sam from Gabi, Samson and Sasha!

Rooting for you to finish your Noro blanket!

Debbie said...

Please let us know what the Vet tells you.