Monday, April 10, 2006

Visit to the Vet!

Sam got me out of bed in a flash this morning. He had to vomit and we got outside just in time. Unfortunately he pumped his bad knee and now it seems, he doesn't use it as much as before. The Vet said, it's just a small set back. I really hope so. We started doing physiotherapy with Sam. He didn't like it a bit when the Vet showed us how to do it. We have to massage his muscles on the injured leg, so he'll not loose it too. It's called "limiting muscle atrophy". Well, if it were up to Sam, he would rather be running in the backyard to avoid this. But - he'll have to take it easy for at least another couple of month!!!

On the knitting front: I've finished knitting my first Lucy Bag (I'll be making another one for sure). It's too late tonight, but tomorrow I'll take a picture and I'll felt it. We'll see how it will turn out. And wouldn't you know it - I continued the BB with more enthusiasm!

I'm still waiting for several packages from online orders. They are trickling in from all over the place. Today I've got a partially fullfilled order from the UK. Wonderful yarn for felting.

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